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    Thank you again TDC for the Friscopoly game and it was so incredibly nice of you to bring it by! It was great meeting you today! :)
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    Thanks TDC! Yes, absolutely, please hold it for me. I would love to buy it from you. :) Is there a trick to sending a PM on this new board? It's so different from the old FOL and I can't get my message to go through. I go to "start conversation" and type my message but I keep getting an...
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    Thanks BlueIrishEyes. I tried the phone number listed for that particular Walmart to see if they could hold one for me but the number listed for them just rings and rings; I can't get an answer. TDC, this is so awesome....thank you!! Which one do you have - the 1st edition in the white box or...
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    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a Friscopoly game (Frisco version of Monopoly)? The Heritage Center is sold out. I am looking for an unopened one for a gift. TIA
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    To my friend.

    Very sorry for your loss Mac. Your friend sounds like a wonderful person.
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    Physical therapists

    I second Frisco Physical Therapy although the therapist who helped me is no longer there.
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    RIP Double Dip

    Shame. The place in downtown had a charm to it. I didn't even realize they had moved to the Teel location; I thought they shut down a long time ago. Freddy's had good custard. Andy's Custard is open now. On to the next new thing I guess....
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    Diaper Cakes

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    FISD Budget Recommendations

    I was shocked to see the proposition on this current ballot for a whopping $600,000,000.00 in school bonds so soon after 60% of Frisco voters rejected the FISD tax increase only last fall. The spending is completely out of control. I hope voters are aware this is on the ballot and get out and vote.
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    2017 Special Election: City Council Place 1 - Early Voting starts next Wednesday

    Voter turnout was pitiful. Unless their beloved alcohol is on the ballot, people just can't be bothered. smh
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    Where can I find Scentsy warmers before Christmas?

    I wish I had seen this post about a week ago. Someone sent me a Scentsy warmer that I didn't want so I gave it away. I would have gladly given it to you.
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    Try Siena Massage. I believe they have some specials going on right now and they have locations in Frisco and a brand new location in McKinney
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    So is there a "new" FOL out there somewhere?

    There is a new one but it's not very active yet:
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    New forum -

    There is a brand new Frisco forum that has popped up so maybe that's part of it too. It doesn't appear to be too active yet but it doesn't seem to have all the bickering that this one does so that's at least refreshing. It's more about what's going on in the community
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    Murder in The Colony- Police asking for help

    I cannot believe a mistrial was declared today in the Rapido convenience store murder in The Colony. And the TCRapido Facebook page says the murder victim's husband is now deceased as well. Those poor little girls have now lost both their parents; this is so incredibly sad :(:(:(:(:(