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    Ring the alarm: Frisco unveils new Dallas Cowboys-themed fire truck

    How the F does a fire truck cost $1.47 million?
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    Cowboys Practice at Star Aug. 20 -22 @ 11am & Aug 26 -27 @ 5:30pm

    As much as Frisco has given them, they should have a parade now
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    Cowboys Practice at Star Aug. 20 -22 @ 11am & Aug 26 -27 @ 5:30pm

    But, but, but they're going to the Superbowl.... Here are the real Dallas Cowboys
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    Well hello FOL!

    He's just clowning @vsellis he knows, he knows that doesn't occur
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    Well hello FOL!

    Effin Moron, you're the reason that very forum was deleted. What a moronic troll, I don't know who's worse, you or FOL/LS for continually allowing you place to spew your filth. What a joke Lol
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    Nice to see the collapse of the forums has not stopped the TROLLS

    Lol 5 or so months after the destruction of FOL, theres still has been no solution to the problem of MarieLocket, I mean HarryToomey, I mean Happy Acres, I mean YukonJack. How apropos
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    How 'bout them Cowboys

    Dak called me this morning asking if I wanted to workout with him today, man, I can't be seen with you guys I thought to myself. Told him I had measles.
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    How 'bout them Cowboys

    Streets in Frisco would be paved in gold. Everyone would want to be here
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    How 'bout them Cowboys

    No, sadly average is good enough for the fans who keep paying out $$$ to sit in that stadium, pay crazy prices for concessions while the product they receive from both can be freely picked up from any cattle owner
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    Does anyone recognize this dog?

    Still a bad decision on all parties involved. If they were asked for info, they should have given it waaaay prior to departure day. The dog place, Mr Pit, you knew who the dogs belonged to. You didn't need to do what you did, that was spiteful and mean. Seems to me neither party, if they are to...
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    Yep, that one was easy, spotted that on post number 2
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    Does anyone recognize this dog?

    I'd have driven straight to the bank and canceled that check, absolute BS on all 3 parties involved, Boarder, animal shelter and the POS's that extorted the family for their dog
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    Where do you like to work or study remotely in Frisco? Favorite spots with free wifi?

    Using public wifi hotspots is asking for trouble. Most if not all have been found to surreptitiously install dats logging and reporting software on your computer (Mac or Windows). Nordstroms was caught ding it as has Neiman Marcus and most all hotels. Use your phones hotspot feature and keep...
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    Feasibility Study Reveals the Demand for a Performing Arts Venue in Frisco

    I see no reason to tax the citizens AGAIN for this project which likely 80% would never use. The few peeps that utilize these out of Frisco venues aren't the majority. Hell, I know many people in Frisco that visit out of town race tracks, we gonna build one of those too?