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    Teen knocked unconscious in fight at Frisco mall, police say

    The movie theater. The stores are closed by the front entrance is open for the theater well past 10
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    Fish in a Wagon

    It's commissioned piece designed to be whimsical called "Searching For Plum Creek" Artist's FB Page and Pics
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    Fieldhouse online technical difficulties

    Lee, I hate to say it but I went to test it. I created an account, then clicked on the "register" for the summer camps, and it let me go right thru up until pay part...where I stopped for obvious reasons. How far do you get?
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    Vsellis, Thank you for considering that. While I am all for open communication, this site is associated with Frisco, and I think your assessment is correct. While it is just one section and mostly the same people "yelling" the loudest, it does reflect poorly. I say this regardless of what...
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    Tavolo's is now closed...

    I get around to a lot of the "town squares" and entertainment areas of many cities in the entire D/FW area. Due to my work in the music business. One thing that really stands out to me is the layout of Frisco Square. You have to drive in to the interior to know anything is there. On those...
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    FOL circling the drain

    Reporting anything won't do any good. From what I can see, and have heard, there is basically no moderation, especially since FOL is being taken over shortly. Just look at all the spam being posted. With all this going on, I changed my primary email to something I only use to log in here...
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    Facelogic Frisco

    That is not good. I am bored tonight at 2 am so I did a little business records searching. Owner is/was someone named Nikole Underwood. That's as far as I got in open (free) searches ...
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    Global Peace Factory

    yeah I had to look it up to see what it was
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    Global Peace Factory

    yes it is closed. website is off as well.
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    New forum interface is so bad..

    I see all that spam from yesterday is still up. Wow.. FOL, once a great resource for all of us in the community to come together is a shell of its former self. Sure, we always had the silly, and the occasional troll. These days, it's just a platform for the same 10 or so people to hurl...
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    911 Dispatcher Reclassification

    Ironspike: way to go. I read you entire thing and fully concur with your thoughts on the matter. As a former 911 Dispatcher I can completely relate. It's been almost 10 years since I sent police and/or fire and rescue to help, but the memories are vivid. While we were classified in...
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    Grover's closed - New concept "Frisco Event Center" coming

    Grover's sold the location in Frisco. It is currently being remodeled and is now part of the Rockin' S Bar and Grill group which also has locations on Lake Grapevine and Lake Lewisville. They are hoping to be open in September. Grover's is currently building out a new, easily accessed...
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    FISD Property Tax Increase

    Cheerleaders and bands from all the schools performed as well on the new field
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    I cannot got to Live shows anymore

    DTF: I suggest you don't judge live shows by your experience at Winstar. It is a horrible venue for live music.
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    Did the Republicans Just Lose the Senate & House 2016?

    I agree. Also, my "complaint" about this is not about if I agree or disagree with the topics/poster. The reason FOL has/had been successful for so long is that it had forums to place various topics in. Heck, I've gotten into it on the politics forum, but that's where I keep it. Not just...