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    Vegas Hotels

    We stayed at the Venetian last time and really liked it. Rooms were large and quiet.
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    The Board Room

    Hubby now goes to Board Room from Gents and he likes it.
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    I had some trouble getting a response also and ended up going with Milestone. They weren't cheap but did a great job.
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    "I don't like it. I don't like it one bit."

    Called Dr. Weisburg this morning and they had a cancellation so I was able to go this morning. Had a mole removed and a spot behind my ear biopsied. I appreciate the thread as it got me thinking about it. I've had that spot for about 6 months. I really liked their office and he was very nice...
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    "I don't like it. I don't like it one bit."

    Thanks! I will be calling them tomorrow.
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    "I don't like it. I don't like it one bit."

    Any recommendations on great dermatologists? Thanks for the info, wanting to find a derm and get some stuff checked.
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    Uber users in Frisco?

    We are planning on using them for the concert Saturday also. They usually track the things happening around town and will have people in place. We've used them quite a bit from Frisco to lots of places. Never had a problem.
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    Wine Train in Napa

    Thanks so much! We are thinking of staying at the Westin since it is so close to the Wine Train.
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    Wine Train in Napa

    Has anyone done the Wine Train in Napa? Looking for something to do for my MILs 70th bday in September. Also, is there a particular preference in airport for Napa. San Fran, Oakland and Sacramento? TIA
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    DPS Craziness

    With my youngest I just decided to make the drive to Waxahachie. Soooooo smooth worth it! He actually took his test about 30 minutes early and the people are so friendly. I've done Plano, Denton and Carrollton. Thank goodness I never have to do it again.
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    Manicurist willing to come someones home.

    Does anyone know of a manicurist willing to come to a home in Frisco and give a much needed mani/pedi. This is for someone who is not able to leave their home for health reasons and I'm needing to find someone ASAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've called several spas and haven't...
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    Ugh...teenage car insurance

    We had USAA for YEARS....until the kids started driving. DH called around and ended up switching to Allstate and also switched our homeowners insurance.
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    Meningitis Vaccine

    I took my kids to Walgreens. Funny thing though, the lady said there were two kids of shots and the one that my insurance covered they didn't have in stock. Called another Walgreens and they had it so went there. Wonder if maybe your insurance might be the same way? We have Cigna. It's a pain...
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    Where are you taking your graduates?

    Nick and Sams, Silver Fox, Bob's, Capital Grille
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    In need of 9mm ammo for range

    You can buy 50 rounds at Eagle for 20 something bucks. I was just there on Saturday shooting my 9mm and bought some. Was at Academy on Sunday and they were out but did say that when they get it they keep it at the front desk.