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    Lost cat black white and brown - heather ridge

    I'm not sure if you saw, there wad a large black and white cat that passed away that is on Teel just saw of Trails light. (On Heather Ridge side on grass). Someone kindly laid a blanket or something over the cat. I hope this isnt your kitty. Saw kitty with cover over it tonight on way home from...
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    MISSING: Cat (black, white, gold)

    On Easter Sunday, the Hill family home in The Trails caught fire. In the chaos, their 2 cats went missing. One was found, the other is still out there. The Hill family is still looking for Maya. She may have been seen in the Shaddock Creek neighborhood (unclear if it was really Maya). Please...
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    The Trails of West Frisco

    I am an agent and am aware of a 2 story, 4bed/3 bath/media and game approx. 3100 sf home near the smaller community pool that will be coming on market at the end of March or early April. I believe the listing price will be $365,000.
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    Trash/Recycle Trucks Destroy Alley Gardens

    This has been a recent issue in The Trails. Since a number of neighbors in The Trails experienced this damage this week, including myself, I reached out today to Environmental Services Department at the city. The customer service rep Molly was very open to receiving our feedback and concerns...
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    Roofer Recommendation?

    I'd call Jeff Riss, owner of Peak Roofing Systems. Very honest guy. Will only do what is absolutely necessary. He has done a number of small repair/troubleshooting jobs for our clients. He just did 7 roof replacements on my street (after April hail storm) and everyone told me how they loved him.
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    Mortgage Lender for Pre-approval

    I highly recommend Lewis Brooks at WJ Bradley. He pre-quals all of our clients. His service is outstanding (available evenings and weekends), great communicator and terrific rates. He actually attends the closing with our clients and realtors. Great man. 972-739-0431 office...
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    Looking for Secret Santa Paws....

    Hey all - This holiday I'm looking to find 60 other dog lovers like myself to become Secret Santa Paws for the orphaned/rescued dogs in the guardianship of Lone Star Akita Rescue. I am looking to provide new large plush dogs toys, treats, large bones, XL dog beds...anything that a 100lb large...
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    Looking for some Secret Santa Paws....

    Thanks Lisa Y. Any promoting is welcome!
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    Looking for some Secret Santa Paws....

    Hey all - When I was in college years ago I met my first Akita and feel in love with the breed. So when my beloved feline boy returned to heaven this past February I started thinking about getting an Akita. In my search I found that one of the leading Akita rescue groups for the nation is...
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    Roofer Recommendations?? please

    Peak Roofing is a great roofing company here in Frisco. The owner Jeff Riss is terrific. Very hands on owner. He does all the roof inspections for the real estate brokerage my husband owns.
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    Need trim board on chimney fixed asap

    Try Peak Roofing. They worked on my chimney last week.
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    Need a good hair stylist for wedding

    I just had my hair done by Lauren at Green Peridot. She did a FANTASTIC job. I had asked for my hair to look like Audrey Hepburn (very classic up twist). She nailed it. In fact many people at the wedding I went to kept commenting that I looked like Audrey (wore black dress with pearls).
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    Power Line Town Hall Meeting - Nov. 13

    Just saw on FB tonight that homeowners are being asked to attend a Town Hall Meeting on November 13, 2014 at Wakeland High School Auditorium regarding the Brazos electric transmission lines. It appears that the electric provider has decided that they are going to file in December to install 12...
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    OWNER PICKED UP: Please delete SEEN: Male Dobermann

    FOUND The owner came to pick up the Doberman about 30 minutes after this posting
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    OWNER PICKED UP: Please delete SEEN: Male Dobermann

    ON Wednesday, Oct. 30 I was planted flowers in my front yard in the Trails (Main & Teel neighborhood) when a large male Doberman approached me silently. The dog is male and has a wide collar on it with no tags. The dog has a large growth on its belly. It appeared relatively non-threatening and I...