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    Friday's "Caption This Picture"

    NOOO I will not contribute!
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    Hotel recommendations for San Francisco anyone?

    I recommend you step out of the "hotel" mindset and give a try. I've used the service and highly recommend it...had a great experience when I took the family out to SanFrancisco for an extended business trip. We ended up staying north of the city at a house on Muir beach...
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    The first annual Walmart car show

    Fo' sho' there is!
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    In need of 9mm ammo for range

    Great resource...however its sad to see how $$ per round things have become!
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    Newborn Pictures

    Jessica at BloomingTreePhotography Check out her work at and Her primary focus is newborn photography - very passionate about it!
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    Frisco Square is Cursed!

    Is that the "street" across from PHP with some shops and an ugly building at the end?
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    New York Bann on big size sugar drinks

    As long as I don't have to fund the healthcare for those obese folks who eat fast food everyday, I'll be a happy camper. Your crapy health decisions should not affect my wallet.
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    gays and lesbians

    "he that is without sin, cast the first stone"...or something like that? So how can any christians judge others with this teaching from Jesus? I attended Catholic schools from K-12 and didn't agree with certain things, but this one stuck. So how can you have such strong opinions about this, even...
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    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy -- Where do I start?

    No, you really don't understand it at all. Ignorant people with attitudes like yours ruin this country.
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    what is an hourly charge for a maid?

    I'm interested in knowing an hourly rate as well. Not interested in price/sq ft...want someone who can give an hourly rate and take direction on what to do.
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    Frisco Dog Park Inc.

    Ridiculous. God forbid people have to walk a quarter mile in 85 degree weather.
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    Frisco Dog Park Opening October 2!

    Stupid example. People spend their own money on boats, motorcycles and other junk, not the collective city of Frisco's.
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    Frisco Dog Park Opening October 2!

    $500,000 for a dog park?! irresponsible use of money. How can anyone honestly defend that kind of spend on a dog park? I want the kool-aid your drinkin
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    Found!! White Terrier

    It's a pit! destroy destroy! :lightsaber:
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    FYI... Kroger and coupons

    Those extreme couponers will likely end up spending the saved money on OCD counseling :)