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    The Abolitionists will be at it again on Monday at Lone Star

    Let me preface by stating that I am not agreeing nor arguing the stance on abortion and I don't have kids in the HS. I DO, however, feel that the person who runs this Westboro-ish mess is wrong in tactics to the kids. He stands out with huge pics of VERY graphic aborted babies, and yes I...
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    Restaurant Closed

    Tomasos was the most awful food EVER. I tried it once, liked Sam's and they used some of the same people. The bread was from Walmart (they actually went to Walmart to buy it as we sat down accd'g to the waitress) the food was inedible. Frozen sausage that was still cold inside, stale Walmart...
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    Hiring Immediately Business Developer for a Local Marketing Firm

    Still have some open positions
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    Hiring Immediately Business Developer for a Local Marketing Firm

    Please submit your resume and or any questions to me at: OnTarget Partners is seeking a highly self-motivated, experienced inside sales representative to develop qualified opportunities for its business-to-business client partners. The ideal candidate will...
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    Tommy & Sons Movers

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    Hiring Digital Marketing Manager - Frisco Marketing Firm

    Candidate MUST know SEO & Social Media, how to manage tags and keywords in a website, blog and all aspects of Social Media. Candidate must also be fluent in sales taking our larger scale business model and tailoring it down to smaller businesses. Competitive salary, great benefits and...
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    Huge Collection of Pfaltzgraff - Yorktown hundred+ pieces

    Massive, 18+ year amassed collection of Pfaltzgraff Yorktown stonewear. Cups, plates, serving pieces, trinket boxes, corn servers, glasses, place mats and more. Too many to list for sure. Come see make an offer on the whole lot or ask me for one specific piece...I'm in Frisco. If you...
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    Ginormous yellow hopping bugs?

    To me that is the sound of a dying soul I really hate them
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    Police department

    I dont. I don't think $150 to $170 ticket is fair either. I think a warning would go a long way for a first offense. I defiantly think catching a thief or murderer should be the focus, but there's no $ in that.
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    Police department

    Pulled over... yes. Not ticketed. It's been a long time even for being pulled over. I did get a pile of parking tix in college :/ I'm actually an intense rule follower. In some cases if I'm unaware of a rule that's different. I really don't do anything unlawful.
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    Police department

    I digress. Y'all edumacated me on the 100% perfection of the system . I'll fall in line all stepfordy Thank ya As for posting the tix? Is it the norm to save them? Can we get copies? Methinks I struck a nerve. Typically that indicates some truth to the accusation so... It's ok, the...
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    Police department

    Mmkay. There's no revenue ;)
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    Police department

    A warning if there are no priors. $20? That is not what I heard. But even $20 can add up, add that to the fines collected for low over speeds and everything else that is finable....point being there is plenty of actual crime here, plenty. Let me clarify something, I am not bashing cops...
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    Police department

    My dad, uncles, friends are all cops...don't need it. Nothing you say, or anyone else is going to explain how giving a ticket for an out of date reg or insp is not for revenue....and nothing anyone explains is going to make a soft stop at an open stop sign ticket ok. Do I get it that the...
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    Police department

    Some have. Still does not equate to a ticket for being late on Inspection. Warnings help foster a little trust, perhaps instead of being all about $$ it is ok once in a while to be ok with genuinely trying to help keep things kosher. Speeding on the DNT and coming off a ramp at 70 is a...