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    Don't want to give up your airline seat voluntarily? No problem, we'll just have the police beat you and drag you off the plane.

    The drunk was an idiot and should suffer the consequences. I'll tell you a funny story. About 25 years ago I was asked by crew too sit next to a drunk (she was being deported from Australia back to UK) How she got to that state I'll never know but she thought I was a spy and she threw up in my...
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    Romo No Mo

    Right decision not to play for another team, too prone to injury
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    32 Hour flight - I need a medically induced coma

    I feel your pain, a long time ago I was travelling to London from Sydney and as I was on discounted ticket, had to leave the plane in Bangkok, spent 20hrs in the airport, routed to Narita, then another 8 hours there and then to London. Solution at London, went to a party and got wasted...Maybe 2...
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    cholesterol levels part 2

    Just checked the dates 50 days apart
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    Question for travelers to Asia

    I would do Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Both will be great value for money. Khao Phing Kan is also on my to do list For flights, get them from local "country" website, they will be cheaper I read an article on that a few weeks ago, may have been on flyer talk, you save at least 40% We had friends do...
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    cholesterol levels part 2

    Just wanted to give you some feedback of recent results. Hope it helps a little Data showing below : Test and the expected/normal level with the < > First number is from around 1st Dec 2016, Weight 165 Second number was from 20th Jan 2017, Weight 155 Im in my mid 40's 5'8" Cholesterol...
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    British Lion

    Can not comment on the British Lion, however if you are ever in Toronto, this is the go to place. Expect long wait times in the evening
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    Judge Judy for the win.

    someone from Frisco on right now (4.30pm show on Fox)
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    Organ Donation - Are you IN??

    This got me thinking. Currently as wife and I are English and grew up in UK during the 80's we are prohibited from giving blood due to mad cow disease. However I'm sure we have selected yes to organ donations. Maybe we have to select no. I have read there is no test for CJD anyway, so could...
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    Chillax - It was just the Eagles

    The only logical explanation is that since we lost to the Giants, we have not dressed in Cowboys apparel nor used Cowboys beer coolers. We will go with that for now. This season is so stupid, especially the ties, that it would not surprise me if we lost to the Browns Sent from my SM-G920T using...
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    Who has travel advice? London & Scotland

    My wife ran a pub in Richmond which also had overnight rooms. She loved the rugby days and serving many celebrities. My wife and I both worked in Richmond for years in the late 80's and through 97 Never met. Hooked up in Manchester If you know the London Apprentice we had a few visits there...
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    Who has travel advice? London & Scotland

    Just videoed with Friend in London and London Public transport is free for every Monday in October. you will need to Android pay with Mastercard Not sure if it will...
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    Who has travel advice? London & Scotland

    Oh and Richmond in West London is a good place to stay. Loads of pubs and easy access into London and likely only 30 mins. We stayed in Richmond area when in London Also forget the cost of the Shard and go to the Sky Garden instead, its free, but I think you need to book a time Fitbit said I was...
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    Who has travel advice? London & Scotland

    Just got back yesterday having done 16 days. As a Brit I found driving easy but was tiring at 1200 miles. Drove London-blackpool-manchester-lake district-manchester-london-dover-london If you are confident in driving you can drive. We got an exceptional deal from Enterprise at LHR However the...
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    Hummmmmmm Friday Confessions realsies

    But at least it gives me ideas of what meat to rub this weekend! I confess if it was the 70's, this quote would be in a "Carry On" movie Here is what a Carry On movie is all about, in 30 seconds