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    BBQ Advocates - Here Ye Here Ye!

    Only worthwhile thread left on FOL. :clap: Still enjoy this one. Thanks guys. And yea, would be awesome to be able to buy butcher paper in less than truckload quantities.
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    Malaysia Airlines - OMG!!

    Malaysia Air likes to put them in the water once in a while too. :dry:
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    HOA violation appeal

    Based on everything I've read here, I'd agree with both you and Matt. Wouldn't bother attorney level. But if they don't exercise some reasonable logic and simply take care of it on their own dime after the discussion, I would be tempted to make the matter publicly well known by every homeowner...
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    Wonderful 4/2/2 Home For Sale

    8501 Greenfield Dr. Frisco, TX 75035 MLS: 13595968 Video Tour, pics, and other info - Zillow Listing -
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    Good realtor

    Jeff Jacobs - Keller Williams. Very good! oops. Very old thread. Nevermind. Regardless, Jeff is good.
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    Fastest home internet speeds

    Same area and same problem for me. I may consider switching, but may be buying a new home in the next couple of months, so no point in bothering.
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    Pirelli Tires - 245/40/18

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    Pirelli Tires - 245/40/18

    I'm not sure what's with the screwy new graphic upload that made these so small. Email me if you want pics and I'll send direct.
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    Pirelli Tires - 245/40/18

    Pirelli P-Zero - 245/40/18. These have about 2000 (if that) miles on them. Plenty of tread left on these. First $125 takes them. Email me at david @ iungerich . com (take out spaces)
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    Used guitar places

    5 Mile or Offerup.
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    VIP member of the bsanders club

    For those who thought bsanders' brightness knob was turned all the way down, look no further. Here we have a guy who not only plays in the same shallow end of the gene pool, but really needs some floaties too.
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    Drivers beware!! E85 is NOT gasoline

    But, but, but think of the children!!!
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    Where to dump an axle?

    Maybe - Might be able to get something out of it selling as scrap metal.
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    Motorcycle for Sale

    Motorcycle - 2003 Honda Shadow A.C.E. (American Classic Edition) Excellent condition. No mechanical issues. Always been reliable. Garage kept • Vance and Hines pipes • Memphis Shades windshield with quick release hardware --...
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    selling truck camper top

    Craigslist, 5 Mile, Offerup, ebay, here in the classifieds.