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    Nice to see the collapse of the forums has not stopped the TROLLS

    IMO opinion it reflects more on the owners of this forum...beaten by racist trash.
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    Other Forums?

    Im assuming you are referring to DTF and Mac. They arent the reason the forum was closed. Not even close.
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    Bird scooters everywhere

    They can come pick up the ones littering the sidewalk in my neighborhood off Lebanon.
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    Bird scooters everywhere

    Scans your drivers license apparently. Through the app. Once it stops raining I’ll go try one out, few sitting outside my neighborhood. Can’t really go anywhere with it though withcthe 35mph limitation.
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    Bird scooters everywhere

    Neither do scooters that cannot drive on 35+ roads or sidewalks. Does not make sense for a city as spread out as Frisco. Sure, maybe at the square or star, but scattered on sidewalks at Lebanon?
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    Bird scooters everywhere

    Unless they are 18 or over that is illegal.
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    Dickey's BBQ 423/Stonebrook Closed

    Let's just not call what Dickey's throws together BBQ.
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    Bird scooters everywhere

    Seeing these all over the place. And apparently they can’t be ridden on sidewalks at all, nor roads with a speed limit higher than 35. What’s the point of these?
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    FRISCO Best Place to Live

    I try to absolutely stay away from Preston if possible. Stonebriar is also a rarity. If I need to head that way I go during a weekday during work hours (wfh). Merry Main Street was a zoo.
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    Mods on reddit have already removed all of his posts on the Frisco sub. Some mods are actually active.
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    Bye Wedge. You won’t be missed. I’m sure you’ll be active in /r/politics though.
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    Frisco Online / Lifestyle Frisco Merger

    Cool. Bye.
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    Could one of these homes fit your needs? Find out! Join The Cheney Group for an Open House this weekend!

    LOL, was thinking the same thing. These posts are usually in the Market Place section
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    Winter weather predictions

    Well crap.