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    Carpet Cleaning Recommendation

    Anyone recommend one to me?
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    I need an upholsterer

    I have two wingback chairs that need to be recovered. Can you recommend someone?
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    Someone who can tape and bed?

    Need referrals for someone who could retape and bed a couple of areas in my garage that have come loose.
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    Dry Cleaner

    Yipes! Thanks for the heads up!
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    Dry Cleaner

    Looking for one of those dry cleaners that advertise bedspreads for comforters for $9.99. Seen any lately? Text 214-924-9442
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    Fun inexpensive things to do around Frisco

    Need to entertain a couple of 7 year olds during Spring Break. We've been to Heritage Museum, Firehouse, spray Parks in Summer. What are some other places we could take them?
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    Smell Custer Road Kroger area

    What is that horrible smell around the Custer Road Kroger?
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    Frisco Lakes? Other areas/ activities for seniors?

    When your Mom gets here, we'd like to invite her to the First United Methodist Church located on Preston Road across from the Kroger Grocery Store. There is a great Sunday School Class called The Seekers that has a wonderful mixed group of marrieds and singles who really care for each other...
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    Young Man Missing in Frisco 10/29/13

    I don't mean to be insensitive, but I've watched the news for 2 days now and this young man has not been mentioned. Seems like it should be in the news???
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    Book cover designer

    Book Cover Designer I'd like to recommend David King. Great book cover designer located in McKinney. Give him a call at 469-274-1986
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    Chef In Blue - open yet?

    Creperie It is open now. We went there on Saturday. Food is pretty good. Crepes are slightly sweet. Large. We got the Frisco and the Maya. Doesn't seem to have enough inside sauce. You might ask them for extra but don't know if they'd honor that. Seemed expensive to us, but we wanted...
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    Hair stylist near Preston/Lebanon--not expensive, please?

    Beautician I use Phyllis M. at Salon Boutique. She charges $15 for a cut and really does a great job. Give her a try!
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    DC based Wasabi sushi opens in Stonebriar

    Wasabi Wow, one of the best Japanese Sushi places around is also called Wasabi's and is on El Dorado in McKinney. Give it a try!
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    Do you believe the deceased send us "signs"

    Signs Yes, I do believe in signs of all sorts. For me, too many things happen for me NOT to believe. My Dad smoked cigars constantly. Several times I've been walking places, usually outdoors, and every time there isn't a person in sight and smell cigar smoke. It still stops me in my...
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    Galveston vacation

    Every time we go, we rent a house/apt right about O or P Street. It is directly across the street from the beach. There are 2 apartments behind the big house and they rent separately. There is a bedroom, kitchen, living room, air conditioned, TV. Access to a beautiful patio. Free parking...