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    Lenses For My Eyeglass Frames

    Costco will do this depending on the frames. They do not have to sell the frames, but they do not work with all frames. They charge an extra $15. I just brought my frames in and they said they could do it. They have great prices on lenses so if they will work with your frames I think the...
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    Flooring Contractor for Tile Installation

    J&H family floors does use subcontractors but they seem to get great reviews. Texas Tony's tile work is amazing I have not used him personally but have seen his work.
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    Recommendations for a good and reliable DFW parking I have used this many times. I have never had a bad experience. The hotel shuttles have always been prompt. I do give myself ample time just in case something goes wrong but I have been very satisfied. I have parked at The Westin, Marriot, Courtyard...
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    Relocating to Frisco,Tx

    Really like the Watters Creek area, Bethany & 75. There are a few new developments in that area.
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    Pottery Barn Kids Bedding and Decor Set just add furniture

    Excellent Condition $180 1 full/Queen Quilt Samantha Pattern 2 Standard Quilted Shams 3.Full/Queen Duvet Cover (plaid) 4. 2 84" gingham drapes 5. 2 hold backs with finials 6. Curtain rod with 2 finials 7. 3 wood plaques dragon flys, & butterflies 8. Hanging Paper Chandelier 9. Green...
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    Chimney Sweeper

    we have been very happy with Hale's as well. I didn't realize they do dryer vent cleaning I will be giving them a call tomorrow.
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    Contractor needed - post water damage remodeling

    We had a similar issue we used Christopher James Custom Homes and Remodel (972) 816-8549 He managed all of the insurance issues, had to go back and negotiate with the insurance when the job was started. We had one small issue with the painting but we were partly to blame for that. In...
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    Toyota vs Acura

    I am rather biased towards 4runners. We have owned 3. My current 4runner has 250,000 miles on it and is going strong. I personally like that it is on a truck frame. If you are looking for a more smoother ride then the other vehicles you mentioned may be more suited for you.
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    Hardwoods in the Master Bedrooms

    All of our bedrooms are upstairs and we plan to replace all the carpet with hardwood. My son suffers from horrible allergies so the less carpet we have the better.
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    Mens hair cuts

    My husband also swears by this place. He sees Brian Matney.
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    FREE date ideas please

    There are some good ideas on this site,
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    Rescue Puppy

    I would also request a copy of the contract, that is going to be the only way to know when the puppy will be yours and what the rescue groups rights are in terms of the puppy's welfare. Congratulatons on the new member of the family
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    Rescue Puppy

    We had a similar situation happen with us. With the puppy we received from the rescue group the contract we signed was "foster to adopt" we would not become the legal owners until the puppy would be fixed at 6 months. That should have been made clear to you at the time of the adoption. It...
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    Looking for very pro-vax pediatrician

    Are you looking for a pediatrician who routinely draws titers to check for immunity against pertussis? Are you looking for a pediatrician who does not accept patients who choose not to vaccinate or delay vaccinations? I am not familiar with any pediatricians in the area who display the...
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    Mold Inspection

    Thank you for the confirmation Drivin my husband and I were just discussing this very issue.