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    Recommendations for Backflow inspection

    Any recommendations on good company to do annual backflow device inspection for fire sprinklers?
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    Gutter Company-Frisco

    David @ Direct Flow (469) 363-4037 from Little Elm took care of small issue for a reasonable price. He does lot of work for new home builders.
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    Texas Cars Direct

    Has anyone successfully negotiated the sticker price at Texas Cars Direct? I am looking at a Merc and the sticker price is lower than MB dealers for a comparable car. However, dealership price after negotiations may come out cheaper. Any experience with TCD?
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    Frisco Gems We All Should Know About

    Chef in blue on Preston in Tom Thumb complex. Great panini with Euro twist.
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    Walking Trail

    Rebel, Are the walking trails similar to Arbor Creek in Plano with lot of trees?
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    Beehive removal

    How much can I expect to spend on removing it? Just ballpark would be great. Thanks.
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    Beehive removal

    Upon closer look, it looks like wasp...
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    Beehive removal

    It's been there for about 3 weeks now. I wouldn't have noticed, if it isn't on pool control panel.
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    Concrete sealer recommendation(s)

    Sorry to dig up an old thread. Any recommendations on who to call for re-sealing stamped concrete?
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    Beehive removal

    Any recommendations on who can remove a beehive? It's about the size of a baseball. TIA
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    How long to get thru customs?

    Flew in from London at 4:30 this wait whatsoever. No other international flights landed at the same time, I guess.
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    Lifeguard for pool party

    We are having a pool party on 04/27, Sunday for our daughter's birthday. Would like get a lifeguard for couple of hours to keep a close eye on the kiddos. Any suggestions?
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    Paris in Summer

    We are planning to visit Paris for the first time this Summer. Little leery of 4 and 5 star hotels recommended by AAvacations. Any suggestions on good hotels? Open to VBRO also since we will be staying for 4-5 days. Prefer to stay in Arrondissement 7, near Eiffel Tower. TIA
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    Macaw Stuffed Animal

    Any ideas on where I can find Macaw stuffed animal for a school project? Tried Target, ToysRUs etc. No dice. TIA