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    Garage door repair

    Really hope his garage door is fixed by now. But then again, it may have broken again too.
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    Ohio/Warren Roundabout update

    2 lane roundabout.
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    Ohio/Warren Roundabout update

    I'm looking forward to it being finished. I'm sure the weather has not been helpful. It's going to be interesting to watch people navigate it. I may put my drone in the air to see the carnage. Hell, people can't navigate a double left turn correctly, this is going to be fun.
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    School year starting so early!!!

    There are things that make me so upset. Moving the day around doesn't even approach it. I guess lately, I've gained a new appreciation on what really bothers me and what I'm thankful for so the school day starting sits in my I don't care bucket. Well, as long as the kids and wife are happy...
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    Phone number parking

    So I did the google voice thing. You can't port directly from Home to Google voice, or at least that's how it was 4 or 5 years ago when I did it. To do this, you go get a prepaid wireless phone with 100 free minutes. Then you port your home number to this phone. Once the number has been...
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    Recommend a daycare with after school care?

    There are plenty of nice places, We use Beary Best Acadamy, but I've heard good things about primrose places as well.
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    Electronics repair

    My wife did something similar, the laptop got knocked off and the flash drive snapped while plugged in. I was able to solder a few of the links and then was able to hold the flash drive a certain way for the 4th link and was able to get stuff off of it.
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    Yeti custom imprinted

    My wife does vinyl for the cups if you're interested.
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    DirecTV/ATT vs Time Warner/Charter

    I swore off DirecTv for years due to a billing issue, they finally budged, but I swore off them. I had Verizon Fios which was sold to Frontier, Never had or seen any good things regarding Frontier. I looked into the AT&T DirecTv bundle and it turns out cheaper than the frontier package...
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    Need someone to remove chain link fence

    Was that you on Youtube? :laugh:
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    AT&T and DirecTv

    Yeah, alone, it's $80 with less privacy, and $109 with full privacy. I know everything is filtered anyways, I'm just not sure if I care about the thought of privacy for $29 a month and $100 fee.
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    AT&T and DirecTv

    I'm looking at the gigapower 100MB connection. I've got 75/75 with Frontier and I'm happy with the speed, no need to increase to 1GB. Did you pay the privacy fee, or did you opt into the allow them to watch the internet traffic.
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    AT&T and DirecTv

    So I've been using my PC to record TV for a few years now and love it. It has it's quirks, sports recordings are one issue, but for saving money I'm good with it. Of course with Microsoft killing Media Center and I haven't really found any good solid solutions. I've been thinking of doing the...
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    Pokemon Go?

    I agree on this. The private places, emergency areas, police stations, these should be left out. I started playing the game a few days ago and realized 3 of these stops are in my neighborhood. So now i walk around, run into a few neighbors (not actually walking into them) and get out of the...
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    Shots Fired in Downtown Dallas?

    Nothing will get better with views like that. You and others that feel that way are a big part of the problem. Violence to protest violence. Looking for blame, look in the mirror.