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    Looking for an Electrician Recommendation in Frisco

    Tremmel Electric! We have used him over a handful of times with special lighting projects, such as game room, cabinet lighting, and outdoor electric and his is awesome. Call the number on the website below. Services
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    Best roofing company

    Peak Roofing did a wonderful job for our home and we would repeat with them!
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    Walmart on Stonebrook/FM423 had some last week on end cap in Toy Aisle.
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    17 years on FOL!

    05/2003 here. :) Mostly in reading mode in the last 15 years. Also, I own rights to domain name, let me know if anyone is interested in domain name.....
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    My recommendations for house painter, fence stain co., and general yard maint. - If someone is looking..

    Thanks for posting the recommendations. We would like to provide our experience off your Recommended House Painter. We utilized Dave MacMeekan @ Southern Painting off a referral and it was the absolute worst experience ever. The job took place in the last 6 months inside our West Frisco home...
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    Nichols Elementary

    Apologies to Tooleman!
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    Nichols Elementary

    "Part of nature for all to make Judgements on FOL for any subject matter." Just posting a public release provided by FISD and was very well written by FISD-HR to accommodate her embarrassment.
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    Nichols Elementary

    Who didn't see that one coming? LOL. **************************************** Dear Nichols Parents: We wanted to inform you that Principal Courtney Murphy has announced her resignation effective the end of the school year and, for personal reasons, has requested to be out on leave...
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    Frisco news story on local Fox station?

    LOL. Let me grab another bag of popcorn, this is getting good. No, there is many that received the email. Including the news station. All it takes is a release and the email is sent to anyone. Previous educator. Umm,,,No. I have never taught education and neither do I have a wish to do...
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    Frisco news story on local Fox station?

    To Love4233 Ha. I am sure that you will delete your post within this thread as you did on December 6th. Oh, wait a second, here it is: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally Posted by Love4233 I just don't understand why someone who attends...
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    Frisco news story on local Fox station?

    To Justabystander LOL again. Your 2nd post is very comical, you lurk around the site for almost a year and now create an account and post twice in the same day over one issue. Yeah, right! Umm,,I do volunteer. How do you think I received the original email from PTA about Christmas. Go...
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    Frisco news story on local Fox station?

    Grow up Justabystander LOL. Funny, first post, and you say long time lurker. Not! You are the same poster and I can have multiple account names as well. Again, public information, public school. Anything can be stated. I am a sole supporter of the Christmas Holiday. Just not a...
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    Frisco news story on local Fox station?

    Funny too, how after school today at Nichols, the CBS 11 News Truck is filming footage of the Principal and Teahers coming outside the School with Christmas orientated hats. Ha. First time I have seen the Principal surface since last Groundhog Day. Nichols staff knew the news truck was...
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    2013 FOL College Football Pick 'Em

    Thanks Green225 for organizing! Jeff, I almost had you this year. :-) Go Irish!!!
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    Frisco news story on local Fox station?

    To Love4233 Just to Love4233, Grow up! You obviously are part of faculty at Nichols or have family members that work at Nichols or you are part of the Nichols-PTA that created the wrong doing. LOL. Given that you are less than a year old on Frisco-Online and joined in Spring of 2013. I...