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    Another Texas Tony Beautiful Slate Job

    We had a water leak at our bakehouse out in East Texas. Texas Tony' master installer Zach came through for us and did an incredible job laying a slate floor in the house and a small guest cabin. He also took care of a the kitchen backsplash. Zach and Tony were great to work with. Zach made...
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    Flooring Contractor for Tile Installation

    Tony Mitchell aka Texas Tony here on FOL. They do great work. Just did work at house and turned out great. (817) 205-6364 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Flexible baseboard

    Bee Builder Supply in Plano
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    Driving to Denver

    Amarillo The other route seems so boring and just feels longer even if you make good time
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    Black Walnut Cafe

    I have only been to the one in Flower Mound. That was my thought as well. The self service aspect wasn't working very well the night we were there. They had signs indicating that you are supposed to wait in line, order and THEN find your table. I think they try to control the flow and make...
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    What is this on the Baseboard/Wall?

    I would cut open that left wall and see if its anything inside there. Our hot water plumbing is routed from the attic down into our slab behind our washer and dryer. Last year we had a slow, slow leak in our piping in the slab that bubbled up in the wall behind the washer. I don't know how long...
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    Carpet Cleaning - Parker Bros or others?

    I have used them and they are that good IMO. Great customer service and results
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    Traffic App?

    I drive to the same area daily. Waze is unique in that it uses not only traffic data but also actual user feedback from others using Waze to determine on a more real time basis where traffic is bottlenecked. It then mashes all that info together and offers alternatve routes. It will sometimes...
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    It's Time to Add Stabilizer to Your Pool......

    My understanding is you don't lose CYA due to evaporation. Water evaporates but the cyanuric acid does not. You then replenish the water. All said and done you have the same amount of CYA in your pool. Overflow, backwash, drainage are a different story. Some portion of the CYA is getting...
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    Pool Equip repair

    Mountjoy Pool Service Bart Mountjoy 972-670-5135 He is who Pentair sends out to do warranty repairs. I know your situation isn't warranty but he certainly knows Pentair equip.
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    Select Management

    Our neighborhood terminated our contract with Select several years ago due to issues with service. At the time they had quite a few neighborhoods, probably the most of any single management company. We ended up going with Cornerstone Management. The difference is night and day. For any HOA left...
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    General Contractor and interior designer

    My experience is that Tony can get stuff done very quickly if materials, paint/granite selections, fixtures, etc are on hand. Our master and powder bath remodels (new counters, shower, floor, back splash, mirrors, basically everything) took a little over a month. However we had some delays...
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    General Contractor and interior designer

    As far as the general contractor, you can't go wrong with Tony Mitchell (aka Texas Tony here on FOL) . He is finishing up a bathroom in our house. He is so easy to deal with and does great work. (817) 205-6364
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    Fireplace Remodel

    You might want to consider whether your foundation can support the added weight of all that stone in one location. I know outdoor fireplaces have a significant footing built under them. Not sure about indoor
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    Blog about an FFL Incident

    If it is the incident I have heard about, it is the FFL and it was a head coach in the 10U division if I am not mistaken. The details of what I have heard are consistent with the blog and the suspension was handed down last week. Its disappointing because there are some good people associated...