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    Well hello FOL!

    Who you calling old?
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    Crazy Sewer Charge on Utility Bill?

    Ours is the same! Did you call and see what they said? That's crazy!
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    Can I buy one off you Texas Dream Cruise?!?! I'd love one!
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    RoughRiders tickets for tonight ... (to give away)

    I tried two people. Both said no! I really hate things to go to waste! You're so generous!
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    Does anyone recognize this dog?

    I wanted to see this end of this story and couldn't find it. The people that adopted wanted the $1000? That's kind of jerky. I could see the adoption fee!
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    RoughRiders tickets for tonight ... (to give away)

    I wish I could use these! Do you still have them. My dad might be interested. I just texted him!
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    School year starting so early!!!

    I like the early start date. I actually would like year round school. That means I can take my kids on vacations to see actual seasons and not have to only take summer trips. All that said, I pulled my kids from FISD school this year to homeschool and we started last month. We're just...
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    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    Flicks will be missed by many!
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    Music in the Square is FREE family fun on Friday nights in June!

    We went last night. Super fun! I hope to make next week as well.
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    Tip Uber and Lyft drivers?

    We tip on both.
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    Spanish Lessons in Summer

    And it just occurred to me you only want a leg up to prep for next year. What I just linked is an actual Spanish class that will fulfill a high school requirement.
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    Spanish Lessons in Summer

    Frisco ISD has some sort of partnership with Texas Tech University K12 program. You will need to check with her school counselor to make sure you sign up correctly that it ends up linked to FISD and on her transcript. They do have Spanish. Texas Tech University Independent School District -...
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    Need a recommendation for a plumber

    We use Plumbing by Jay.
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    Where is the lively conversation that FOL used to have?

    I did love that FOL of old too. Good memories on and offline with these folks! :love: