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    Stopping by to say hi & ask for a favor....

    Lots of you FOL old timers, and inner circle members watched/read about my girl growing up...Chanel graduated Centennial HS in 08', Austin College 12' and will be graduating TAMU School of Law this May...WHOOP!!!...she is in a contest trying to win a date night...after all the hours she has put...
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    Handyman or someone to install oven/microwave this week.

    My house is on the market & I've already moved but I left a new oven & microwave to be installed. I need it done ASAP. The existing oven & microwave need to be removed & the new set put in. The opening for the microwave will need to be cut about 1/2 in bigger on all sides to fit the new unit in...
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    I'm shopping for a realtor--

    I live in Plantation Resort, and looking for a realtor to list with. I'm only willing to pay 3%, not 6%... However it's split between the buyer's agent & selling agent is up to you...if you're a realtor or know one who is interested then shoot me a pm. B & R
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    Roofer Recommendations?? please

    Great!!...thx everyone. I've called several listed for estimates.
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    Roofer Recommendations?? please

    You guy rocked on the garage door rec, North Dallas Doors was awesome, now I need a roofing company. Who have you used & loved?
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    CITY HOUSE coming to your neighborhood

    Yeah, that... I was wondering the same thing.
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    CITY HOUSE coming to your neighborhood

    Oh, I'm still here for a few more weeks, trying to get some things finished up. But yes, I hope to sell quickly once it's listed.
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    CITY HOUSE coming to your neighborhood

    This whole thread is not favorable for attracting buyers
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    CITY HOUSE coming to your neighborhood

    I don't think any judge can rule in their favor without opening a huge can of worms. What about the families here that host foreign exchange students that live here all year?...What about families that foster children?...what about gay couples that live together & have adoptive children, but...
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    Power washing home vs water restrictions

    I need to paint my home's exterior to get it market ready. It must be washed first. How would water restrictions affect this process?..I plan on calling the city Monday to ask but thought someone here might have already gone through this. I don't want to get fined or anything. Thx
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    High School Issues

    It takes more than straight A's and being at the top of your class to get into an Ivy League college. Have you ever talked to a rep from Harvard or Stanford? They want to know what you've done outside of school as well. They don't care that you volunteered at a children's hospital, they want to...
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    High School Issues

    It worked in my case. I raised a poster child for a great kid that has never been in trouble a day in her life, has never drank, smoked, tried drugs, or even said a cuss word. She's a role model & has been a mentor for the same girl from Big Brothers Big Sisters since her fresh yr of college...
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    Another Frisco Murder????

    I'm sure the father didn't beat himself to death. Maybe someone drown her, broke his hand forcing him to write a note, then killed him. I mean, since we're speculating
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    High School Issues

    CM I tried to say that in my first post. If the parent is involved and makes education along with teaching great study habits and time management a priority, then you will have a successful student and adult.
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    Missing girl from Shops of Legacy

    I'm surprised they don't have cameras in the parking garage since they are higher end apts. My daughter's apt in Ft Worth has cameras in the garages as well as the entry & exit points. I can't imagine what her mom is going through. My daughter is the same age & I would be losing my mind. I...