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    Doug E Fresh
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    Stolen-Christmas Decor

    :censored::censored::censored::censored::censored:holes! Let me at them!
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    The dumbth is strong with this

    That reminds me of this Chris Rock funny. Very strong language warning!
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    Why Not Sports

    See Coolrelax has a point...I can tell if it is a hockey stick as opposed to a football. :blink:
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    Why Not Sports

    Can you please send this to my son's hockey organization? I told him that he can get more girls playing the clarinet than playing hockey when he is 25.
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    Mom's quote is bad PR for Frisco, can we stop all the fighting over new schools

    Thank the Lord that my kids go to private schools. Otherwise, FOL would see a ashwi lose her mind over this issue. I have to refer to her in the 3rd person because she can get crazy.
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    Pitbull at Cowboys game on Thursday

    No, we are driving all the way to San Antonio to get away from Eagle fans. OMG, we are going to South Texas to listen to more Pitbull...:censored::censored::censored:?
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    Cris Collingsworth is so annoying

    His voice is nails on a chalkboard...
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    Did Frisco join the ranks of the other white trash bedroom communities in DFW last Tuesday?

    Why are you posting in TAT? Go back to Politics:yawn:
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    Vinny Testaverde's son expected to make first Texas Tech start

    If Vinny's son can't help us then we should dress Kliff out at QB. We can tell everyone that he was redshirted as a Freshman.
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    Frisco Kid Makes Headlines...?

    I would rather read stories about Alex from Target all day every day for 8 days than see nekkid pics of a C list celebrity's gigantor fake arse for one minute.
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    Two Women Already in Line at Best Buy for Black Friday

    This is when a line turns into lunacy...
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    Did Frisco join the ranks of the other white trash bedroom communities in DFW last Tuesday?

    Side note... We went to the Parks Mall in Arlington today for a hockey game. It was like the movie Deliverance. I almost kissed the ground when we got back to Frisco.
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    California help

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    California help

    An Aggie in Southern Cal or Northern Cal....that is an Algebra question gone wrong. I lived in Long Beach(Belmont Shore) for two years when I was in my mid 20's. I'm going to throw it out there and pick Southern California and Orange County for you and your family. I have a feeling that...