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    Winter weather predictions

    Strange how the same Almanac can have different forecasts. Farmer’s Almanac: ‘Stinging cold’ winter expected for Texas Brace yourself, Texas: Farmer's Almanac warns that a brutal winter awaits | Weather | Dallas News
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    Need someone to haul away assorted junk and trash.

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    Entrances to neighborhoods over grown and shabby along Hillcrest

    So I know with the amount of rain we have been having Parks & Rec are having a tough time keeping up with mowing, but its strange to see the medians along Hillcrest in reasonably decent shape, but in the same block the entrances to Preston Oaks and Hillcrest Highlands (Non-HOA subdivisions)...
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    TxDOT to hold 3 public meetings in October

    Elevate the main lanes and it will fit inside the current footprint. Problem solved.
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    ZIP Cash invoices for cars you no longer own

    Even if you take the plate off your NTTA account you would be charged for tolls if the plates are still registered to you. Don't rely on the new buyer to change the registration. Many know they can get free tollway use by leaving it registered to you. As soon as you sell the vehicle or turn in...
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    For you FOL Old Timers...with regrets.

    I never met Flicks, but Van is a very sweet person and I offer my condolences to Van and her family.
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    Lawn care

    I've used Weed Xtinguishers for mowing, shrubs, fertilizing and weed control several years now and they do a good job.
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    Tip Uber and Lyft drivers?

    You can tip and review drivers on Uber now. I set up my profile to tip 25% automatically and then generally tip additionally depending on the friendliness of the driver.
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    Austin Bombings

    Keep Austin weird..... It's more than just a saying.
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    DFW Parking

    Correct. At Remote you have to carry your bags up to where they load the big buses at the front of the lot. At Express a smaller bus stops at your car. It is a few dollars more per day, but it feels safer to me and is definitely easier.
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    DFW Parking

    I prefer to park on the airport and have never had any problems finding slots at remote North parking. I just don't like slepping my bags all the way to the front to catch the bus, so I now only use Express Parking where they come to my vehicle.
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    Frisco Autonomous Buses

    This should be good for the body shops in town. I just hope if one hit me they hit me hard enough so I can get a new car out of the deal.
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    NTTA Tolls for OOS (Out of State) plates

    The taxes on motor fuel hasn't been adjusted in 30 years, so in reality you are only supplementing that out of date tax by paying tolls. Its not double taxation, but a different way of taxing that pays for specific roads only that supplements the current statewide tax. The other choice is to...
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    NTTA Tolls for OOS (Out of State) plates

    A copy of this thread had been forwarded to NTTA for review. I'm sure they will be in touch as they dislike OOS'ers using our state's facilities without paying the required fees as much as I do. There is no free ride..... ;-)
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    Frisco Receives State Award for Traffic Innovation, Safety

    ITS American should come over to my neighborhood on Red Cedar at 11:00 or 2:45 everyday when the early child school parents are waiting in line to pick up their kids and they can see just how advanced Frisco is with handling traffic.:mad: They would take back the award.