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    We used Van for a very ornate stenciling job in our daughters room. She was great.
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    Primary Care Physician wanted

    Not too far out of the way, but I use Dr. Pedro Checo. He is courteous and one thing that I like about him (maybe others would disagree), but he is conservative. High cholesterol, exercise/diet first before medication is considered. I think he does a great job.
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    Need a new roof, who do you recommend?

    We have used Lone Star Roofing for a complete roof + thermal barrier. They did a good job and the price quite fair from the other quotes we got.
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    Does Anyone have a good Moving company?

    +1 for AB. Not sure if they were the cheapest, but timely and did a great job. We used them twice in the past month.
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    How long/often to run soaker hose around foundation

    Not sure how much of this is accurate, but when I talked to our foundation repair guy (apparently I didn't water enough), he said that the soaker hoses are a losing battle, that the best method is to have them buried (so the animals don't eat through them etc) and have them tied into your...
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    Family Doctor

    I am sure there are several great doctors out there. I personally have been using Dr. Pedro Checo for a few years: and have nothing but good things to say. Granted, I have not done anything outside of regular physicals, but his personal attention and the fact he doesn't...
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    lawn service needed

    +1 for Carl. We've used his services for quite some time and are extremely satisfied. Can contact him via email as well anytime I need special services...
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    Stair spindles?

    Thanks! At least with an estimate of around 15-16 a spindle, it can provide me with a rough ballpark! Appreciate it. Good to know it was not as easy at it appeared =) Professionals always make it look so easy.
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    Stair spindles?

    Silly question but how much does a conversion cost. I know it varies, but rough estimates?
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    Frisco hotels booked up next week - anyone know why?

    No clue. I was able to find plenty of available hotels though with availability next week. Not sure what you are looking for. Westin, Sheraton, Embassy Suites, Aloft, etc all had availability during the week next week...
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    Handyman Needed - Tomorrow or Saturday

    I have a call out to John Hudson, and Harland King is unavailable. We have a couple of items that need taken care of tomorrow or Saturday, as we are closing on our house and the person who previously said they would do the work is now unavailable. There are two items both dealing with some...
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    grass trimmers YouTube! =)
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    Message from Big Bear A/C and Heating

    We will be praying for a you and the docs!
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    Home Inspection

    Looks like we are in need of a home inspector. I've used Deb Sadler in the past and was content. Just wanted to see if there some other go to people these days?
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    Details on Lennar homes being built Lebanon/Teel

    Thanks Eagle. I like to hear personal testimonies about house quality. Very good to know.