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    Hearing the ice is here

    No word on Frisco yet, but I live on a street feeding two different schools and it's horrible...and with it refreezing, it will be a death trap.
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    Congratulations TCampbell!

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    IPhone 6 or IPhone6 Plus?

    Blech...I spent hours at the Verizon store comparing the 6 to the S5 and the update today looks just like my daughter's 2 yr old android. Made my decision very easy.
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    Funny take on getting older...

    He's GREAT! LOL
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    It's a girl!!!

    My very first grandchild will be here around the first of the year and we're so excited!! I'm kind of going nuts on getting things ready for her and was wondering where are some good places to find cute outfits? It's been 23 years since I've had to buy things for a little girl and I'm more...
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    Bring on the Rain!

    Yup...quite a few sprinklers going as we swam down the road this morning. Here's to hoping all this rain makes a decent impact on the lake levels.
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    DPS Craziness

    We took our son to McKinney yesterday (had an appointment) and it was a freaking mess! They said his VOE was expired...they're only good for 5 days (?) and they needed the instructor's driving log...not the parent log. I just got off the phone with the driving school and they said they NEVER...
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    Anyone know someone in need of a new smile?

    Thank you...just thank you. It's so wonderful to see that there are people out there who do really care about the *real* bottom line..people.
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    Okay Mommas...let's talk Cribs

    I'm about to be full blown shopping to set up a room for my new grandbaby (yay!!!!) here in the house and was informed that my $1200 Mahogany crib that was used with all 3 of my kids is now "illegal". Gorgeous, but illegal. Something to do with the fact that the side drops down? Anyway...What...
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    Ob/Gyn Recommendations

    After going through a handful of Ob/Gyn's, I recently had an appointment with Dr Ashwin Gaitonde. He's obviously not a female, but he made a HUGE impression on both me and my husband. When he was with us, he was WITH us. His attention was solely on what what going on with me and how he could...
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    Where to Move...

    Rockwall is fantastic too, though it may be a bit of a drive. The schools are fantastic.
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    Summer School for Advancement...

    My son is two classes shy of being able to graduate a year early. One he takes during Summer School and one is online via Texas Tech. I've just signed him up for the two sessions at Wakeland and will be completing the registration at Tech shortly. Is there anything else I need to do...
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    Frizzy Hair

    I did the coconut oil bit too.
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    70 years ago, Honoring those who were part of D Day

    My 13 yr old was very solemn today and spoke of this before school. His namesake was there and it's been weighing on him this week.
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    Confess !

    I confess that I just donated 17 inches of hair and my hubs still loves me. I confess that I'm tired of people bringing viruses home with them. I confess that half the things I've typed came out backwards at