Forever Pho Looks to Have Enduring Appeal

Forever Pho isn’t the first pho spot here in Frisco, but even in a location that has seen its share of occupants over the past decade-plus, this new Vietnamese eatery appears to already have a winning formula.

This spot recently took over a well-used space just north of the Sam Rayburn Tollway on Preston Road, most recently home to Leo’s Street Taco Company, which was there for three years.

Before that, Ritzy’s, Freddy’s Steakburgers and a barbecue/wings spot named Zippy’s have been in this space.

But if first impressions are any indication and the full dining room I saw during a mid-Sunday afternoon visit to Forever Pho, this appears to be a winner.

After one of the owners offered me a warm and hearty welcome after walking to the front counter, I perused their rather extensive menu and settled on a bowl of beef pho to-go, which cost about $10. I also purchased two egg rolls, putting the grand total to about $14.

As I waited for my order to arrive, I took a gander around the dining room and was immediately struck by how big the bowls were that many patrons were eating from. I guess this is what the owner meant when he said they only had one size (a generous one) for their namesake Vietnamese noodle soup.

One of the owners also told me that this is Forever Pho’s second location, second to their original spot in nearby Allen. He said they’re very pleased with the reception here in Frisco.

As for the pho, they offer it with beef, chicken, seafood, and tofu.

But pho isn’t all they offer. Forever Pho also offers chicken wings, egg rolls and the other dish many associate with Vietnamese cuisine, the Banh Mi sandwich, a popular choice dating back to Vietnam’s days as a French colony, aptly served on a baguette.

After waiting less than ten minutes, I received my order and headed home to enjoy lunch and watch some football.

Once I was home, I took out the various containers and started putting all the elements of the pho together. I hadn’t eaten pho since high school, when it was an almost-weekly thing at the Vietnamese spot myself and some friends frequented in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, so maybe my next move was a major faux pas.

I put the vermicelli into the bowl first and then added the giant container of fragrant broth.

Next came the meat, which included beef, chicken, and meatballs. The bag with bean sprouts and diced green onions came next along with some fresh sliced jalapenos.

After taking a quick whiff of this huge bowl of noodles, broth and other bits of tasty goodness, I knew I was in for a delicious meal.

Forever Pho had provided a package of wooden chopsticks, so I gave it a shot, grabbing a heap of vermicelli, which also included some meat, sprouts and at least one sliced jalapeno.

One quick word about the jalapenos they use, the slices are huge and very fresh. My first taste of pho in some time didn’t disappoint as it was an absolute chorus of flavors-the fragrant broth, the tasty vermicelli accompanied by various bits of meat and the crunchy texture of the sprouts, green onion and jalapenos.

The jalapenos helped give the pho a nice bit of back heat, which made the entire experience even more tasty. As for the egg rolls, I admit to eating one of them on the way home. But I saved the other one to eat with the pho, so I dipped it into the soup and that made one of the best egg rolls I’ve eaten even more delicious.

This was a tasty, healthy and delicious meal that left me full for hours. In fact, this meal left me so sated that my question of what I will order on my next visit to Forever Pho didn’t come until that evening when I pondered… Do I order their pho again, maybe this time go for chicken or meatballs or do I give their Banh Mi or chicken wings a shot?

Tough questions indeed, aren’t they?