Food, Fun, and Fitness – Vitality Bowls Helps Kids Avoid the Summer Slide

This post is sponsored by Vitality Bowls.

Do you think the long days of summer mean more time for active play and kids eating lots of healthy foods and drinks? Think again. The heavy heat SHOULD be enough dragging us down, and you’d think you and your kids would crave more energy through healthier foods.

Over Spring Break, parents may have realized that a household diet “spring cleaning” was in store, but no one wants to be the parent-nag. Besides, much of what our kids consume, especially as the summer months loom, is beyond our control… Birthday parties! Pool parties! Summer camp!

So, how can parents encourage kids to take control of their own consumption and start making, and maybe even enjoying, healthier choices?

Frisco parents should be encouraged… In the struggle to help educate kids to make healthier food choices, they aren’t alone. Local superfood cafe Vitality Bowls’ owner Josh Willingham is deeply invested in educating local Frisco residents about the food they’re consuming. 

Vitality Bowls is involved in as many school activities as we can be to promote a healthier lifestyle with an emphasis on a healthy diet, said Willingham. Our goal is to educate and influence students and parents to make healthier decisions more often.”

Willingham told us about the health and nutrition events of at least five local schools where Vitality Bowls has been involved in recent months… 

Since a long, hot summer is just around the corner, and the discussion about food choices for kids begins to worry most parents again, we sat down with Josh Willingham to discuss food education and talk about ways that parents can encourage kids to make healthier food choices. Here are some of his suggestions.

Involve your kids in food selection and preparation

Take them to the store with you. Better yet, invite them to HELP you choose healthy meal choices for the upcoming week and create the menus. Maybe even invite them to help you create a family Pinterest board of meal and snack options. Giving kids a sense of control over meal options and food selection will help them feel invested in the process.

Talk and learn about food together

Visit an organic farm as a family. Read about the sourcing and production practices of your favorite brands as a family. Teach your kids how to check labels for ingredients, natural and manufactured. Rather than creating a list of “bad” foods or “good” foods, give kids an understanding of ingredients and food creation that will ultimately help give them a sense of power over their own food choices.

Support local restaurants that emphasize good sourcing practices

Frisco is now blessed with several restaurants that are highlighting farm-to-table, healthy options, and thoughtfully curated ingredients. Vitality Bowls specializes in acai bowls, smoothies with excellent ingredients and carefully sourced beverages like komboucha teas.

Establish healthy family habits

Only drink water during meal-times or simply ensure that everyone sits together without media distraction for a few meals a week. As sports heat up and practice and game schedules can make regular meals tricky, begin asking your kids for help packing healthy “car picnics” to avoid constant dependence on fast food or impulsive eating out.

Still stressed by summer schedules that make menu-planning, grocery shopping, and eating at home a challenge?

Bypass the larger food chains where unhealthy choices are easy to make and support local restaurants like Vitality Bowls. Josh and his team are both excited about providing great food for their customers and passionate about encouraging health and wellness in Frisco.