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Picture this: it’s raining outside, and you just got home. Obviously, you’d love to get inside and dry off as soon as possible, but instead, you’re stuck at the front door shuffling through the jumble of keys on your keychain. The Flying Locksmiths DFW North want to help you ditch those clunky keys and replace your traditional locks with modern keyless entry systems. Not only does this reputable franchise sell and install these types of access systems, but they also offer security camera systems and all of the typical services of a locksmith.

More Than Just a Locksmith

While locksmithing is in the name, franchise owner Stephanie Barr explains that her business specializes in home access and security as well. Keyless entry systems use security codes or Bluetooth to keep your home or office safe, without the hassle of carrying around a ton of keys. The company also offers a range of security cameras, so you can ensure that the things you value the most are always protected.

With over 70 years in the industry and 70 locations across the country, The Flying Locksmiths (TFL) is a Boston-based company that provides a range of security and locksmithing services to customers all over the United States. Their unique business model routes after-hours locksmithing calls through a dispatch center that connects customers directly with local technicians, keeping TFL franchise owners free. Unlike most franchise businesses, The Flying Locksmiths’ model enables Stephanie to run a business without sacrificing family time.

It’s also one of the few franchise businesses that required less attention during nights and weekends as our dispatch center handles emergency calls directly with our technicians. With a husband and two boys at home, it was critical that I still keep my nights and weekends for family as much as possible. Franchises like restaurants and retail don’t usually allow for that.”

After twenty years in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development, Stephanie decided she wanted to build a business on her own. She felt TFL was the perfect fit with her strong management background, and she loves the freedom she’s gained from the franchise.

Despite TFL’s national notoriety, Stephanie works very hard to build their reputation locally. Building an organic customer base is the lifeblood of the company, so Stephanie provides exceptional customer care, furnishing clients with her direct line should they have any questions or concerns. Furthermore, new customers receive personal thank you note from Stephanie, and her technicians offer check-ins a few months after installation to ensure their customers are happy.

Current Endeavors

The Flying Locksmiths DFW North love working with individual customers, but their business spans far beyond that. Their biggest project at the moment is a full access control and camera installation project in Plano. TFL is working to provide an apartment complex with a specialized three-door access control system. This technology features electromagnetic locks on all doors, all of which are tied to the apartment community’s fire alarm system. TPL is will also install a 20-camera video monitoring system that includes interior and exterior cameras throughout the complex.

Looking Ahead

You can expect Stephanie to be on the lookout for the latest and greatest in secure access systems. She explains that Bluetooth is the most significant new home access trend.

With Bluetooth access, your cell phone is now your key. That means that no fob, card, or keypad is required to open a door.  We offer several options for Bluetooth access control, so we’re sure to find the best option for your home or office.”

Another big trend in Stephanie’s industry an explosive growth in the demand for security camera systems. Whether residential or commercial, manufacturers are updating their camera technologies to provide user-friendly products that deliver a high-quality image. These new cameras offer on-the-go user accessibility through a cell phone, or another mobile device that Stephanie says is a must, even for commercial properties.

At The Flying Locksmiths DFW North, you can enjoy access to the absolute best products on the market and exceptional service. Whether you’re looking for new door locks at home, a comprehensive security system, or just someone to let you in when you’ve lost your house key, Stephanie offers free estimates and service with a smile!

Get to know Stephanie Barr and The Flying Locksmiths DFW North via our audio podcast!

The technicians are consistently out on location servicing customers at their home or business. They do not provide service at the office location. Please contact TFL to schedule an appointment or estimate: 972-441-5858 or email:

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