Five Tips to Make the Fall Hair Flip

As the weather cools off, we’re pulling out our sweaters, hats, and scarves to transition from summer fashion to fall. But clothing isn’t the only thing that needs to change with the seasons. The way we treat and protect our hair can benefit from a new routine too! I spoke with Frisco resident and Fave4 co-creator and head product girl Lynne McNelis to get the best tips for making the summer-to-fall hair flip.

#1: Love On Your Locks

After a summer of swimming, sun, and for some of us, highlighting, there’s a good chance our locks need a little tender love and care. Transition into fall by repairing damage with treatments like hair masks. These intense conditioners help heal and rehydrate dry or stressed hair and can smooth split ends and protect from further damage.

#2: Get Back to Your Roots

Many people adjust their color with the seasons, going darker as the weather gets cooler. When adding color to your hair, be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, which will keep the color deep and vibrant longer.

#3 Smooth it Out

With cooler weather comes hats, scarves and dragging layers on and off, leading to lots of annoying static. To avoid a wild mane, take a trick from the pros. Spray your hair with a light shine hairspray and then smooth it with your hands before accessorizing. This will keep flyaways from forming when wrapping up with a scarf or snuggling into a cozy beanie.

#4 Take a Break

Your air-drying days were likely left back in the summer sun. During the fall and winter months, people tend to blow-dry and heat-style more, which can take a toll on your hair. So in addition to your regular hair mask treatments, go ahead and take a hair-washing break! Instead of washing hair daily, incorporate a dry shampoo into your routine. When you do wash, be sure to use a heat protectant before drying and curling or straightening. These products not only protect your hair from heat but also add shine and may help smooth hair texture.

#5 Trick it Up

Get creative with your locks. Braids, side ponies and buns are a fantastic way to keep your look fun and fresh on days you break from washing and styling. Pinterest and YouTube are great resources for finding new hairstyles, and often provide step-by-step directions to get your own runway-ready up-do. Stock up on bobby pins and hair ties and you’re ready to trick it up.

So go ahead, take these five easy tips and make the fall hair flip. Your healthy, happy and beautiful tresses will thank you.