Frisco Fitness Trials: Title Boxing Club

As I shared recently in my article Bust Through a Fitness Plateau with Trial Classes, when I find myself in a fitness rut,  it’s time to change up my workout routine for a four to six week period. I’ll strive to try a new fitness class once a week at a different studio, forcing my body to utilize my muscles in a different way.

Most fitness studios in Frisco offer a “trial” or “guest” pass at a discounted rate (or even free in many cases), so you don’t have to break the bank trying new places.

Recently I tried out Jam Box Fitness. Next on my list? Boxing!

My Second Trial Class: Title Boxing Club Frisco

Do you need a cathartic release after a stressful day at work? Maybe you’ve been looking for a workout that offers a combination of strength training and cardio?

For any of the above reasons, you might consider adding boxing to your radar. Who doesn’t want to punch something after a crazy day?!

Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is a great way to relieve stress, burn calories, and get a vigorous heart-pumping workout.

Boxing is a combination of martial arts, self-defense, and aerobic exercise. During a typical boxing session, you’ll transition through high-intensity movements followed by bouts of moderate intensity. Boxing offers a combination of strength and cardio exercises that burn up to 1,000 calories during a sixty-minute session.

During my second week’s journey of trying out new exercise programs to prevent a “workout plateau,” I opted to try out Title Boxing Club in Frisco. Since my arms are always in need of a little extra resistance and strength training, boxing seemed like an ideal exercise. Not to mention the notion of punching a bag sounded like a blast!

I opted for a sixty minute, Friday morning session at 9:00 a.m. with a highly experienced instructor named Josh. When I arrived the room was a bit chilly but Joe (the General Manager) assured I wouldn’t be cold for long.

The Intense Warm-Up

It had been many years since I had taken a boxing class – in essence, I had forgotten about the intense warm-up. Yikes! Jumping jacks for the first minute then extremely humbling bear crawls for the next minute. (I don’t think I’ve participated in a bear crawl movement since elementary school gym class! It certainly didn’t have the same appeal now as it did then!)

Then came a series of planks to hop squats that looked like a yogi squat (these weren’t too bad). This was followed by running around the punching bags. Finally, something that was familiar to my body and semi-easy!

At the end of the warm-up series, I was already sweating profusely. Like most people, I need a trainer to ‘motivate’ me to jump, bear crawl, etc. because I would never opt to do these exercise movements of my own accord.

Eight Rounds of Boxing

After the warm-up came the boxing. Eight rounds to be exact, each consisting of three-minute boxing sessions where you hit a one hundred pound punching bag. Woo Hoo, this is the part that I was looking forward to!

At first, I wanted to punch the bag hard but Josh encouraged me to first focus on learning the proper form and hit the bag lightly or I would wear my hands out. Also, you really need to pace yourself to endure the entire duration of a boxing session.

Josh then showed our group how to throw uppercuts, jabs, and hooks with the right and left arm. Those types of movements take exceptional hand-eye coordination. If you have two left feet like I do, boxing forces you to utilize gross and fine motor skills which will improve reflexes and reaction times.

Focus Mitts Training

During class, Josh led us through Focus Mitts Training, which allows you to train with a moving/live person. A boxer must pay close attention to the other individual’s movements, which requires quick reactions.

Then it was my turn to train one-on-one with Josh (and not trip over my two left feet or throw the wrong punch). This took complete concentration to know when to swing the right or left arm, throw a hook, jab, or uppercut. In my case, I had to say the movements out loud.

I left my boxing session feeling great but exhausted.

If you’re a bit challenged for time due to a hectic schedule, consider a quick thirty-minute session, or carve out time for a longer, 60 or 75-minute class.

First Session is Free…and Bring Friends!

Boxing studios are relatively inexpensive and your first shot is on the house at Title Boxing Club in Frisco. In the case of new clients, most studios will offer a deal on your first month or annual membership.

I found myself pondering how fun it would be to organize a group of friends or co-workers and take a boxing class together. Then go out for a drink! In the case of Title Boxing Club, the studio is set up to accommodate as many as fifty boxers.

Since the majority of corporate jobs are sedentary, a boxing session would offer employees the opportunity to move their bodies in a fun, healthy way and reduce stress. It’s also a great opportunity to interact with coworkers outside of the normal work setting.

Next time you lace up the sneakers consider packing a punch for eight rounds at Title Boxing Club.

Stay tuned to see where my fitness trial journey takes me next in Frisco!

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