Fish Bowl Poké is Reeling ‘Em In

Photo courtesy of Fish Bowl Poké Frisco

Featured Image above courtesy of Fish Bowl Poké Frisco.

Since I’ve never actually been to Hawaii, I’d never eaten poké, the mixture of fish, seafood, rice and plenty of favorable fixings that many call the national dish of the Aloha State.

But over the past few years, poké has made its way stateside and that includes the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Several months ago, Frisco got its own poké spot when Fish Bowl Poké opened just north of Highway 121 on Preston Road.

A big seafood fan, my curiosity finally got the best of me, so one Sunday I gave this new spot a shot and it was a very positive and delicious experience. The décor at Fish Bowl, the second location of a small chain which also was the first poké spot in Atlanta, is very bright and cheery.

Photo courtesy of Fish Bowl Poké Frisco

Customers can either order their poké via a self-serve kiosk or have an employee walk them through the process if this is their first visit. I had started entering my order on the kiosk when an employee asked me if that was my first time there.

I replied yes, and he helped me through the ordering process, which was short and quite painless. And if you’re paying with a debit or credit card, you can again use the self-serve kiosk.

As for the ordering process, the first step is to pick your size. A regular poké bowl, which includes two scoops of protein, is $10.95 while the large, which features three scoops, is $13.95.

After picking your size, it’s time to select your base, which can consist of sushi rice with salad, sushi rice, brown rice with salad, brown rice, or salad.

Photo courtesy of Fish Bowl Poké Frisco

The next step is to choose your proteins. Fish Bowl offers three types of tuna (ahi, spicy and white) along with salmon, shrimp and tofu.

Next, a Marinade is chosen with two options currently available (soy or sweet soy).

Next, pick toppings for your bowl. There are plenty to choose from, including green onions, ginger, avocado, tempura flakes and sesame seeds.

Now for the final step, pick one of their three aioli (spicy, sweet mango or wasabi) to top off your bowl.

I waited for less than 10 minutes before my name was called and my bowl was ready. Each order is served in a plastic bowl, which is perfect for those dining in or also for those opting for take-out, which I did.

Once I got my bowl home, I knew I was in for a treat and I was a hundred percent right. The seafood I chose (shrimp and ahi tuna) was incredibly fresh as was the rice (brown) while my toppings, which included green onion, avocado, tempura flakes and sesame seeds added other elements to my bowl.

The first thing that struck me about poké was just how much of an explosion of different flavors it was. There was the fresh flavor of the seafood along with the rice and all the different tastes and textures from the toppings I selected, including the crunch of the sesame seeds and tempura flakes.

My first poké bowl was incredibly delicious and right after finishing it, I was already contemplating my return trip there. Do I try their salmon next time or stick with what I enjoyed on my first visit, shrimp and ahi tuna?

And what about exploring some different toppings or maybe even a different kind of base? These are all possibilities and that’s what Fish Bowl Poké is all about – options.

In today’s fast-paced world where we all want high-quality food at a fair price and served fairly quickly, Fish Bowl checks each of those boxes and then some. Oh, and a poké bowl is incredibly healthy as well, something which I’ll go ahead and call a nice bonus.