FISD High School Supply List

It’s the time of year when back to school ads are everywhere we turn whether we’re ready or not. High Schools in Frisco are hosting freshman orientation and parents are eagerly registering their children online to bypass the long lines on campus.

Every year at this time, I receive the following email from FISD high school parents. “What school supplies do I need to buy?”

I’ve always found it odd that high schools don’t furnish school supply lists. With this in mind (and what feels like a million years under my teaching belt), I’ve created a list of recommended essentials for both on-campus, as well as for home.

On-campus school supplies:

School supplies for home:

The first week of school is the optimal time to become organized for the year. Most classes will send home a syllabus where teachers will list specific supplies needed for the class along with the class website, and general class structure and expectations.

If you have resourceful tips for where to purchase the above-recommended school supplies or other items you would add to this list based on experience, please share in the comments section below.

Best of luck to all in the 2018-2019 school year!