First Ever FUN-draiser for Mayor Jeff Cheney

On Wednesday, January 24th, Dana and Jeff Cheney were the honorees at Frisco’s first FUN-draiser… A fundraiser for the Mayor to support his future political endeavors. To date, the Cheneys have self-funded every single election in which he has run.

What Happened at the FUN-draiser

If you’ve ever attended a typical political fundraiser, you know that they usually involved VIPs (real and/or self-perceived) standing around preening, sipping cocktails / Champagne, and noshing on tiny slivers of crackers while the candidate respectfully begs for money.

While the food was freshly prepared in-home by Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts, THIS evening in the Chapel Creek neighborhood was a totally different night of fun altogether.

Most everyone showed up in athletic attire so they could participating in competing against Mayor Cheney in:


Winners were awarded:

The bottom line is that fundraisers are about raising money for a great cause or candidate, but also to have a good time. This Cheney FUN-draiser played to the Mayor’s physical strengths and gave all who attended the opportunity to watch some good-hearted athletic competition.

Needless to say, the cheering, competing, and razzing continued ’til late in the evening with numerous checks flowing in to the Cheney cause. As for us, we’re looking forward to the next creative way candidates engage their Frisco audience.