Find Your Texas Style with Tumbleweed TexStyles

Holiday shopping is fun, but it can also be stressful! Coming up with creative ideas for gifts, finding the right size and style…all things each of us will struggle with at least once this month.

As we shared in our recent 2017 Guide to Holiday Shopping in Frisco, for Frisco residents, there’s little need to step inside of a crowded mall this season. If it’s local that you’re looking for and want to give something unique, Tumbleweed TexStyles has something for you (and whoever is lucky enough to receive the gift).

THE LINGO: TexStyle: n.
The way in which a person expresses or exhibits their deep passion for Texas through fashion, music, attitude, and lifestyle.

Tumbleweed TexStyles is a Frisco-born, Frisco-owned small business (not so small anymore) that specializes in cool, wearable on-trend designs. The inspiration is drawn from the unique pride and culture found in Texas. What began with t-shirts has expanded to hats, hoodies, stickers, and koozies.

Established in 2011, the business began with two teachers at Liberty High School in Frisco. Jeb Matulich, an Art teacher, and Brian Wysong, an Independent Study and Mentorship and Marketing/Entrepreneurship teacher. Brian saw Jeb sketching a design on a notepad and thought the art was too good to not to be doing something with it. After many discussions, they decided it would be cool to start a little side hobby making t-shirts.

They started the business with a small $700 investment, which they contributed to equally, and purchased their first run of shirts. Very quickly they made their money back and continued to reinvest the money into the business. Now more than five years later, what was once a hobby has turned into a full-time business.

Where to Find Tumbleweed TexStyles

Based in Frisco, most of their products are sold via their website, as well as other online vendors such as Texas Humor. If you’re not a fan of shopping online, check out one of the 150+ retailers throughout Texas where Tumbleweed TexStyles has merchandise on the shelves:  The Buckle, Cavenders, Rally House, and Tyler’s. If you want to find their styles closer to home, you can head over to the Frisco Mercantile at Preston and Main.

Currently, they’re on track to sell over 75,000 shirts in 2017. Soon, they’ll launch home decor prints as well. In 2018, Tumbleweed TexStyles will open their first brick and mortar location, their flagship store, opening in the spring at the highly-anticipated Frisco Fresh Market located off Main Street by Toyota Stadium.

The Business

The creative art side is what really drives the team and company, and the reason they can sell a wide variety of products and styles. The unique designs come from Co-Owner, Jeb, who is the lead artist and Creative Director. He spends the majority of his time drawing designs by hand to create concepts for future product launches. He’s also the lead artist on all custom projects they do for musicians, businesses, restaurants, and other unique projects. The designs are derived from a lot of research, identifying trends and finding inspiration. Jeb’s the “trend spotter,” they say. When the flagship store opens next year, Jeb will help oversee the artistic aspects of the store, including layout, decor and creative vibe.

Co-Owner Brian oversees the day-to-day operations, including marketing, customer service, wholesale accounts, and business development. Meeting with people and monitoring their various sales channels and systems that help run the business takes up a lot of time. Both Jeb and Brian manage the social media, an important aspect of their brand’s culture.

Their number one priority above offering stylish and comfortable apparel is to support the local Frisco community. Tumbleweed TexStyles donates a portion of each sale to the Frisco Education Foundation to help provide scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors.

Do you want to shop local with a company who not only invests in the community but also makes great products? Tumbleweed TexStyles is doing exactly that and with super cool style. Check out their Texas Christmas collection, their Signature collection…or among others, their Frisco line!

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