Fede Trattoria – An Authentic Southern Italian Restaurant in Frisco

We don’t have enough Italian restaurants in Frisco.

Don’t get me wrong, we love a good variety. But we’ve seen a few Italian places come and go, and they just don’t seem to stick.

But we’ve got high expectations that Fede Trattoria, the new Southern Italian restaurant that opened in the old Blues Pub location, not only survives, but thrives.

We live nearby and have kept an eye on that spot, wondering what would go in. We were excited when we saw it would be an Italian place, but when they finally opened and we tried it, we were ecstatic!

The Interior

Inside Fede Trattoria

From the moment you walk in, you’ll feel more like you’re in a nice restaurant in Italy than a strip mall in Frisco.

The variety of seating arrangements creates intimate spaces without abandoning the open restaurant feel. There are open tables for business meetings, and cozy semi-circle booths for a more intimate experience. One large table is ideal for family gatherings.

The red walls, eclectic decorations, and white tablecloths will make you wonder if you might not see Don Corleone enjoying a big bowl of pasta with “the family.”

Owner Giovanni will likely greet you at the door so brush up on your Italian greetings before you go.

Hint: Ciao is a casual hello or goodbye. If you want to be a little more formal “buonasera” means good evening.

The Food

Fede Trattoria’s Carbonara

Having visited Italy several times, I have a few staple dishes on which I judge any Italian restaurant. On our first visit I decided to try the Carbonara.

I’ll spare you the suspense. Other than homemade, it hasn’t been this good since Italy. Everything was cooked to perfection and the prosciutto was salty and delicious.

Wendi had the lasagna, which was every bit as tasty, and so large, we’re still enjoying the leftovers several days later.

Their website says this about the food:

Our recipes have been gathered over six generations and across three families with strong roots to Italy.

… and after tasting it, and meeting Giovanni, I believe it.

Fede Trattoria Lasagna

What the wine list lacks in quantity it more than makes up for in quality and price. I’d always recommend one of the Italian wines as they are built to be a part of the meal.

I skipped mentioning the bread, but don’t miss it. The butter and garlic are just a primer for what lies ahead!

Unfortunately, we were just too full to try dessert that evening, but everything on the menu looked fantastic, so we’ll be heading back just for that.

The prices at Fede Trattoria are also more than fair. To be honest, I was expecting a higher price point so your bill won’t shock you.

After our first visit, I couldn’t be happier with Fede Trattoria, and I’m confident they’ll catch on and do quite well. We look forward to many more meals there with our Frisco friends and family.

Fede Trattoria

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:  5 p.m.- 12 a.m.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:  Closed

5110 Eldorado Pkwy, Frisco, Texas
(behind Scotty P’s on El Dorado, back corner of the building)