Farmers Insurance and Ann Anderson: Protecting Frisco Families

Ann Anderson doesn’t seem like the kind of person who sells insurance for a living. But her witty, lively personality and her warm laugh give her Farmers Insurance customers comfort and confidence in an industry often fraught with uncertainty and stress.

Anderson’s path to entrepreneurial success was not a smooth one. After over 20 years in the mortgage business, the company she had dedicated herself to folded in 2009. In 2012, Ann suffered a significant spinal injury that dramatically altered her day-to-day life.

After being out of work for 8 months, she underwent surgery. The surgery was followed by 3 months of complete bed rest and 4 months of intensive physical therapy. Now, Ann speaks optimistically about her injury, claiming “Now my back is stronger than yours is, I’m sure!”

After her injury, Ann knew that she needed another career path that would allow her entrepreneurial skills to flourish. She also knew that she didn’t want to forge her path alone – she wanted to have a strong support network, training, and resources. Most of all, she wanted her support network to believe in the potential of women entrepreneurs to transform their communities.

When Farmers Insurance reached out to her, she knew she had found the perfect match. Anderson firmly believes that Farmer’s is one of the best entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Their structured development program gave her confidence that she would have the support she needed to successfully build a business. From July 2013 to February 2014, Ann worked her way through the intense development program and was one of a very few to reach the finish line.

She started with no clients at all. “My own policy was my first!” she laughed, as she told me her story. Through steady community involvement, persistent relationship building, and the same intrepid spirit that had carried her through her recovery, Ann built a thriving clientele base and now sells all kind of insurance, covering everything from vehicles to homes to pets.

Ann is passionate about educating her clients and equipping them to make decisions that protect their families and their assets.

If you have a high tolerance for risk,“ she says, “that’s up to you. But it’s my job to make sure that I’ve given you the information to make a smart decision.”

Ann pointed out that many insurance clients don’t fully understand how their insurance functions.

Most people don’t understand, for instance, how their auto insurance works, especially if they’re at fault. Every auto-owner needs to have a serious conversation with his or her insurer about their policy.”

Ann continued to describe areas that most policy-holders don’t understand or consider with the enthusiasm and confidence that come from experience.

The most important asset is yourself.  Life insurance is very affordable and protects our families when we are no longer able to.”

In a world where disasters and the unthinkable happen, entrepreneurs like Ann, passionate about educating clients and holding the hands of policy-holders through hard times, provide an assuring beacon in a process that is often confusing and stressful.

Meet Ann Anderson via the Lifestyle Frisco Podcast. Ann shares more about her personal and professional journey, as well as her tips for families striving to better understand their insurance needs and policies.  Audio: Ann Anderson on Protecting Your Family, Home, and Business in Frisco.