Fall and Winter Fashion for Frisco Tots

PC Parker Shirt Ryan Yeager

My Christmas tree is lit, my mug is full of hot cocoa, yet the temperature outside is supposed to hit 80 degrees by the end of the day. Tomorrow we’ll only reach the mid-50’s. Seasons in North Texas can be tricky, and dressing for each season even trickier.

To get a little help with transitioning our Frisco tots’ wardrobes through the months, I contacted Ryan Yeager, local Frisco resident, and owner of Olive and Gray, an online baby and children’s clothing boutique.

Because young children grow out of their clothing so quickly, people are inclined to purchase inexpensive pieces and get rid of them with each new season. Ryan believes there is another, and better, way to transition than a whole new wardrobe each time the temperatures change.

Her advice is to treat a child’s closet like your own and invest in quality pieces that grow with your tot. For example, a favorite summer dress can transition to cooler temps with leggings and a denim jacket. The next summer it can be worn as a tunic with shorts or pants. A button down can be layered over a long-sleeve shirt as it gets cooler outside, then the next summer as arms get longer, worn with the sleeves rolled up.

Basically, layers, layers and more layering is the key. Not only is it fashionable, but it extends the life of your best pieces and makes each item useable throughout all seasons. And to find the items you know you’ll want to keep around, Ryan suggests really using an eye for the details. Tots are focused on what makes them feel good, so look for soft fabrics, tag-free shirts and pants, and designs that are comfortable but cute.

So what are the must-have transitional pieces? Ryan’s top three tot wardrobe must-haves are:

For Girls

For Boys

With these tips, our Frisco tots are sure to be both stylish and playground-comfortable through all of the up and down temperatures in Texas!