Fall in Love with Wallpaper (Again)!

Wallpapers have made a strong comeback recently with fresh, innovative designs that can redefine or reinvent your home and business spaces. If you’ve been reluctant to incorporate this popular design medium, perhaps it’s time to reconsider!

Types of Wall Covering

Different types of wall treatments can breathe unique, new life into a room. There are choices for every desired aesthetic… printed papers, metallics, fabrics and silks, corks, grasscloths, and the list goes on.

Where to Use Them

There is a litany of wall coverings available to speak to your sense of style. The key is knowing how to strategically use them to perfectly accent your space. Certainly, different rooms inspire their own unique looks. Some of my personal favorite applications are:

How to Select that Perfect Paper

Just as with any piece of furniture or drapery treatment, it’s important to carefully select the right wall covering. Color, scale, and patterns all have to balance with the amount of wall you’ll cover to ensure a well-proportioned result. Make this choice carefully as a mistake here can be aggravating from a time and expense standpoint.


Installing a wall covering is not for the faint of heart. Professional installation is key for a successful project. If you decide to DIY, be sure you’ve mastered the following “musts.”

At Nicole Arnold Interiors, we love introducing wall coverings to our residential and commercial clients. If you’d like us to guide you in your next project, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let’s elevate the look of your space!