Fall in Love with Learning at INC Tutoring

Nearly every parent can remember an evening spent at the kitchen table, surrounded by notes and textbooks, as you work with your child to complete their homework assignments. Whether it’s an occasional occurrence or a part of your nightly routine, most students face at least one challenging subject during the course of their academic career.

It’s frustrating for kids and parents both to tackle coursework that neither one of them fully understands (or remembers!). If you’re worried that hours of scanning books and assignments will never get your student back on track, Jay Veal is here to tell you the truth about mastering a subject… It’s Not Complicated when you have the right guidance!

Tutoring That Produces Academic Excellence

INC Tutoring stands for It’s Not Complicated. When Jay noticed a lack of private tutoring services in the DFW area that actually facilitated success, he set out to provide a service that would provide students of all backgrounds with increased confidence, effective study methods and a comprehensive understanding of their toughest school subjects.

Thus, It’s Not Complicated (INC) Tutoring was born. Thanks to INC, hundreds of students have gone from failing to earning A’s and B’s, plus they’ve discovered a new confidence to succeed in subjects they used to think were impossible to master.

INC is breaking barriers not only in regards to academics… Jay has also worked to become the first African American-owned tutoring company to make waves in the world of education. Thanks to hard work, dedication and an amazing team, Jay’s business is making leaps and bounds in student performance, along with a pretty impressive name for itself.

How is INC different?

Rather than just pulling your student into an isolated, one-on-one study session, Jay’s team delivers tutoring in a holistic method that involves the student, parents, counselor, teacher, and tutor to ensure success. Customized tutoring sessions allow INC to find the methods and tools that work best for your child, but what makes INC really special is each tutor’s dedication to helping students succeed in school and build confidence along the way. Jay says,

Our tutors actually mentor each student to success and encourage them to reach their goals by serving as a big brother/big sister to each client, becoming positive role models for them.

INC children have become students of the year, quarter, highest performers in school, honor roll students, and more. In addition, INC has initiated a money back guarantee that students will make gains to the next letter grade up within four weeks. Often times, gains are made within two weeks, which is well above the industry standard of six weeks.

Learning Solutions That Fit Your Needs

This personalized, above-and-beyond service is backed by a comprehensive range of available areas of study. It’s Not Complicated Tutoring covers curriculum from Kindergarten basics to Doctoral level sessions in STEM subjects, test preps, English, Reading, Writing, and foreign languages.

Another way Jay continues to help students build their confidence is through the newly-initiated INC Tutoring High School team. High school juniors and seniors are able to not only have jobs as tutors, but they can impact their peers, friends, and community by tutoring them.  This program is beneficial for the Frisco community and beyond.

INC is also launching a coding program in the Euless area in the Fall for a couple different languages like Ruby on Rails, Perl, and more so students can learn how to make apps and other solutions. They’re also hiring more staff at the collegiate level on campuses who can help INC deliver services in the most elite way possible.

Get Started With INC Tutoring!

Educators, parents and learning enthusiasts, INC needs your support for an upcoming event! Jay and his team are planning a gala this coming fall called “The Education Oscars.”

This impactful event will honor many of the exceptional leaders in Education throughout DFW. The gala will aim to benefit STEM Programming, College Scholarships, and Tutoring hour buckets for students to pull from to get tutoring that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. INC is currently searching for awesome sponsors to join together to help make this happen and Lifestyle Frisco is honored to be a part of these efforts.

A Sneak Peek of What’s Next at INC

Jay’s passion for education keeps him always looking ahead to the new advancements. His next project is confidential, but without giving too much away, Jay’s next endeavor involving gathering ample funding to build a next level LMS system with AI and Machine Learning infused with other needed functionalities so students can take control of their learning and have fun while doing it. INC is calling upon all people who can invest in a product like this to really change the game in education.

So, help your child regain their confidence in school and rediscover their love of learning with INC Tutoring… after all It’s Not Complicated! Lifestyle Frisco readers can enjoy a FREE consultation plus 20% off the hourly rate of your first session, just mention “LIFESTYLE FRISCO” when you Enroll Online.