Extracts Organic Juice, Smoothie and Salad Bar

So how are your New Year’s Resolutions going?  New exercise plan, eating healthy, early to bed, etc.? Sounds familiar I’m sure, but difficult to sustain, right? The irony is that we’re surrounded by health and fitness tips and tricks – from how to squeeze even the shortest workout into our day to fabulous recipes to get us on the clean eating train.

We have excellent intentions, but with work, family, and the daily roller coaster, it’s difficult to avoid dropping into a fast food location at some point just to make life easier.

To help you out and get you back on track, may I present Extracts. Located in Frisco Square and established late in 2015, Extracts has brought a refreshing concept to our city that is not just about “juice,” but more like a one-stop shop for healthy eating.

The minute I walked through the door I was greeted with “The Organic Difference” emblazoned on the wall. It immediately speaks to the sense of freshness and clean atmosphere, almost like no other establishment I’ve experienced lately.

The Food

Friendly and knowledgeable staff introduced me to a menu to tempt anyone’s taste even if you are not a Smoothie or Juice fan. Their salad bar has such a wide variety of veggies, you can choose from any combination of salads and wraps.

Something you may not have come across in similar establishments are Extracts’ Super-food Bowls… considered a delicious meal replacement for breakfast, lunch or even dessert. Plus, you can also choose from a variety of flavors in Smoothies and Cleanses all based on the concept of quality ingredients.

Their shots (a blend of highly potent super-foods and herbs) can help target specific issues like sinus and allergies.  The Detox Ginger Flush is recommended for a morning after “the-night-before” when a little too much alcohol was ingested.  Even if you’re just a bit under the weather, the staff can help you come up with your own blend to alleviate a specific issue.

Extracts’ soups strive to be a meal in themselves and are truly savory and scrumptious. My favorites are the Tomato Basil and the Broccoli Cheddar. The large bowl provides enough for 2 – 3 people or two days’ worth of lunch.

Bring the littles and enjoy specially designed kids’ smoothie like the Marvel Mango (includes generous amounts of iron in the form of “hidden spinach”) or Blueberry Pie (high in potassium and antioxidants).

Extracts’ mission is simple…

Extracts was developed to provide the residents and businesses of Frisco with a healthy option for lunches, as well as organic juices/smoothies and cleanses. We strive to help our clients change their lifestyles by bringing in a wide range of beverages and salads packed with protein, vitamins, and thousands of nutrients.”

With plenty of seating and customers of all ages inside, Extracts has also become a popular stop-in spot among local Frisco Square businesses from the new corporate office buildings in the area. Plus, all the people frequenting Barre 3 and Next Step Dance also pass through to grab something for takeout as they go about their day.

So, extract a measure of health for yourself and dive in to healthy and fresh food in Frisco!

Monday – Saturday 7am to 6pm
Sunday – Closed

Frisco Square
8810 Coleman Blvd., Frisco TX 75034
(214) 618-3447