Experience the Joy of Generosity with Rustic Cuff

While appearance certainly isn’t everything, your personal style says a lot about your personality and allows you to express yourself. Whether you love bright colors and patterns, or neutrals and simple statements, accessories are the perfect accent to any great outfit.

If you keep up with industry trends or you’ve visited Legacy West recently, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of the new Rustic Cuff showroom. Founder and CEO Jill Donovan built her now-famous jewelry brand from the ground up by combining exceptional craftsmanship with a personal, heartfelt mission to share kindness with others.

Beautiful Jewelry Paired With Personal Passion

Despite her skyrocketing success, Jill Donovan got her start in business almost by accident. She was teaching law classes at the University of Tulsa when she decided to expand her skills and find a new hobby.

Jill absolutely LOVED cuff bracelets, so she began teaching herself to make them at night in the guest bedroom of her Tulsa, OK home. After mastering the art of cuff-making, Jill moved on to other jewelry and began gifting her stunning creations to friends and family.

Nearly everyone who received a cuff became an instant super fan; they urged Jill to turn her newfound hobby into a business so that others could enjoy her stylish, wearable artwork.

Oprah Winfrey wearing a Rustic Cuff design on the cover of her magazine.

After some reluctance, Jill decided to take the plunge and open the first Rustic Cuff showroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Overwhelming success led to the opening of two more showrooms in Tulsa, followed by expansion into other states as well.

The Rustic Cuff brand quickly rose to fame with television appearances, magazine features, and celebrity endorsements. Products are sold all over the United States and International orders allow Jill to share her passion worldwide.

The company’s momentous success can be credited not only to the products themselves but more importantly to the heartwarming message behind them.

Discovering “The Kindness Effect”

For Jill and the founding team that developed the business in her kitchen, Rustic Cuff isn’t really about the popularity… It’s about the people.

When you step into a Rustic Cuff showroom, you’ll enjoy a shopping experience like no other. Employees are there to answer questions and offer advice, but they also strive to nurture souls and to make customers feel good about themselves. Founder Jill says,

My only goal is that a person leaves happier than when they came in. It’s not just about the bracelet. It’s about the relationship.

True to their roots, gifting remains a strong theme throughout the business. Jill even encourages her team to gift a cuff or other product if ever they feel led.

She shares this same passion with her fans through the captivating Regifters Club. Each month, Regifters receive two cuffs for the price of one – a cuff to keep and a cuff to share. Many times, RC fans can even attest to giving taking a cuff right off their wrist and sharing it with a stranger!

Kindness is contagious, and it’s no wonder that Jill’s company has seen such a surge of generosity facilitated by beautiful cuffs and other accessories.

In addition to running a highly-successful business, Jill also enjoys motivational speaking, and even wrote a book on the joy she found through sharing gifts with others after a surprising appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Sharing Our Favorite Rustic Cuffs

Maybe you haven’t had a chance to visit a Rustic Cuff showroom yet, but you’ve probably spotted one of their beautiful pieces on a friend’s wrist. Though ‘cuff’ is in the name, the brand has ventured far beyond this style to include a range of bracelets for women and men.

Embrace warm weather and sunny skies with the Endless Summer or Poolsides collections that feature bright colors and bold patterns to will make any outfit pop.

You can also show your spirit with a festive piece from the new 4th of July collection or support your favorite school with some collegiate bling! Rustic Cuff truly carries something for everyone.

Their versatile Father’s Day collection featured handmade leather gifts, engraved money clips, journals and more (a men’s collection is available year-round).

No matter your style or price range, when you visit a Rustic Cuff showroom, you’re sure to find not only stunning accessories but a culture of kindness as well.