‘Escape’ the Office for a Day – Disarm a Missile Instead!

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Whether you work at a huge corporation or a tight-knit small business, you’ve probably heard the term “team-building” at least once before.

No matter the workplace dynamic, it’s essential for colleagues to get to know one another to facilitate teamwork and cooperation on a variety of projects. Oftentimes, supervisors will offer team-building activities to help their employees engage with one another in a creative or nontraditional way so that they’re more comfortable with each other at work.

Team-building is essential to a productive workplace for a variety of reasons. Not only are the activities entertaining in the moment, but they should result in improved communication, strengthened relationships, and the development of group problem-solving skills that will benefit the team in the long-run. Team-building activities are also shown to improve employee motivation and leadership skills.

The overarching goal is that once a team sees how well they work together while having fun, they’ll be encouraged to maintain this teamwork in the office too.

What’s the Future in Team-Building?

While this idea is great in theory, these activities don’t always go exactly as planned. Trust exercises and mental games may be easy to organize, but not everyone will benefit from these kinds of icebreakers. It can be challenging as a leader to find exercises that are both entertaining and effective.

Why not build team morale and trust during a fun, low-stakes activity rather than during a major project or close to a critical deadline? By taking the stress out of collaboration and turning to entertainment-based tasks, coworkers can build new bonds organically and on their own terms.

So, have you ever tried an Escape Room? This hands-on adventure game gives everyone a chance to pool their talents and abilities together to complete a task. The rooms are challenging, but the thrill of winning is well worth it, especially if you have the chance to make new friends along the way!

Whether you’ve known your colleagues for years, or the team has just met, Countdown2Escape in Frisco is a literal ‘escape’ from the office where you can have fun with your entire team.

Take a Break from the Norm

Ditch trust falls, name games, and “two truths and a lie” nonsense, and disarm a nuclear missile with your coworkers instead!

The Cold War Games room at Countdown2Escape allows you to step back in time to 1972 when a miscommunication between President Nixon and Leonid Brezhnev almost led to catastrophe. In this (entirely fictional) reality, you and your team of trusty coworkers must work together to stop a nuclear missile launch that was by a small rogue military base. Your group must disarm the missile that’s pointed straight for Russia before the country’s intelligence catches word of the launch!

The Lifestyle Frisco team successfully disarmed the missile in The Cold War Games room at Countdown2Escape in Frisco.

C2E offers three very different escape rooms, each with their own unique storyline and goal. Find hidden treasure in the Return to Cabin Fever room, catch a mole in the police force in the Mafia’s Casino room, or prevent a nuclear attack in the Cold War Games room. The rules are simple: complete the mission and get out in just one hour.

Do you and your coworkers have what it takes to escape?

If you’re looking for a fun way to work together with the people in your office, why not try out a new, adrenaline-inducing activity for your next team-building session and break OUT!