Empower Your Body & Feed Your Soul at Hot Body Yoga

Calling all future, potential, professional, and “in-my-dreams” yogis! A new yoga studio in Frisco is ready to kick your butt and to leave you smiling about it. Hot Body Yoga, located right off the northwest corner of Dallas North Tollway and Eldorado, has set up shop to make you feel better, look better, be better, and become a healthier you.  How about that?

I love yoga in all shapes and sizes, and I’m currently crushing pretty hard on Hot Body Yoga. I checked this place out over a weekend.  New-to-the-studio yogis are offered a free week of classes just to try it out.  And try out, I did.

I’m quite lazy on the weekends so I opted for the FunFlo class to just get a taste of what this studio is all about. The FunFlo class is for beginning yogis. They walk through the basic, most-used poses, talk about the importance of yoga, its potential impact on your life, and give you a taste of a yoga flow.

Although I knew many of the poses, I always think it’s great to get back to basics no matter where you are in your practice.  In addition to FunFlo, they have about 20 other classes of various degrees of difficulty. From a FamilyFlo, where you can bring the whole family, to the PowerFlow class, for experienced yogis seeking a challenge, you’ll find something to satisfy your yogi appetite.

I just loved this place.  As soon as my yoga pants walked in the door, I felt at home. The friendly faces greeting you at the front desk might even distract you from the selection of yogi clothes and accessories in the front foyer. I say “might” because I pretty much wanted everything in there, and when I’m on a shopping mission, I take that mission very seriously.

One other cool thing to note about this studio is that they use infrared to heat the rooms to between 80 and 90 degrees.  If you’ve ever been in a hot yoga studio, you might know that unsettling “oven” feeling of hot air blowing on you while you’re in downward facing dog.  It’s terrible!  Instead, infrared provides a kind of dry heat that warms the room without the humidity or blowing air that some studios use.

Hot Body Yoga co-owner, Zelda

At Hot Body Yoga, they encourage you to go at your own speed. To adapt each class to your skill level and to have fun! So all of you beginner and experienced yogis, try a class at Hot Body Yoga this week.  With swimsuit season right around the corner, there’s no better time to break a sweat in the studio!