Do you have a JOY list?

The definition of joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I have came across the idea of a “JOY List” several times in my past and asked myself “what is life if we do not experience joy”?

When I was learning to change my eating habits, I would go to my list of healthy alternatives, choosing something from that list rather than fall back on my old, less healthy habits. But my list needed to include things I enjoy doing because I REALLY like Twinkies. When I was stretched for money, I would pull out the FREE list. When I had some money to spare, I would go to the “this costs me some money but I’m worth it list”. And the more I have used a Joy List, the more I’ve come to realize that JOY = SUCCESS.

YOU are responsible for creating your own joy. There’s no need to wait on someone else to provide it. Keep your own happiness and wellbeing in your own hands, where it belongs.

I suggest adding 1-3 things to the list each week. Sometimes I find myself in a down mood or feeling negative & I go to my joy list. The more you are joyful, optimistic, hopeful etc, the more people, resources and opportunities will be attracted to you.

My coach Tiffany Peterson with The Light House Principles has been a great resource for me in my home based business. I am an RN (Registered Nurse, but I also see myself as a Relationship Networker or Relationship Nurturer), and whether I am involved in community volunteering with Frisco Women’s League, networking at the North Texas Moms in Business group, or attending church at Hope Fellowship, my goal is to build relationships and be of value to others. Check out Tiffany’s website, blog & videos for more ideas that have inspired me.

Frisco is full of JOY, let’s take a look at some ideas. Your list may look different. The point is to find those things that give YOU joy, and do more of those things.

Make it a great day & enJOY!