Date Ideas For Pregnant Couples in Frisco

Being in a marriage, or any long-term relationship, can feel like a roller coaster. Some days (and months) are better than others.  Despite work, school, and all of life’s challenges, keeping the romance going is key.

Fanning the flames becomes even more important when you’re expecting a baby. Whether it is your first child or fourth, making time to spend together when a baby is on the way is important.

Where do you go? When do you go? What do you do? The nights of going to bars for drinks and live music might not seem fun to someone who can’t drink or might be now sensitive to the loud noise.

The weather can also play a huge role. Too hot or cold, too windy or rain, are all problems that that get magnified during pregnancy.

But, a little time and careful planning can turn a regular date into something great for the both you. So, gentlemen, let’s get creative and let’s look at some date ideas in Frisco that are perfect when a new baby is on the way!

Dinner Out

Dinner out is an easy one, but always a great choice. Besides the fact that all three of you need to eat, this will take the chore (and standing up/bending over) of cooking dinner out of the equation and remove some stress from your wife and you.

Finding the right restaurant used to be a simple task, but now you have a lot to consider. Atmosphere, menu, food/smell sensitivity, and hours all play a part in a dinner location. The restaurant you used to go to might not seem a great choice if it’s too loud or focuses on seafood.

Instead, try something new or go at a different time. Consider a place that doesn’t serve alcohol so your partner won’t seem left out or won’t even think about how she can’t have a drink.


Mexican food is always good idea and even better when you’re pregnant. Mariana’s Taco Shop is BYOB so you don’t have to worry about a bar menu tempting you or possibly irritating your wife or girlfriend.

Mariana’s has a lot to offer and if you are going out on a baby budget, try their $1 Taco Tuesday’s.  They also have a great selection of Mexican dishes with a outside eating area if the weather is good. With online ordering, if something changes last minute, you can pick it up and bring home.

Mexican is also a good choice because it’s not hard for the mom to eat healthy. Tacos and burritos with protein-packed beans and grilled veggies are a great choice. Choosing black or pinto beans over refried is a great way to go. Order extra avocado and salsa (pico de gallo especially, which is just chopped fresh vegetables).

Taco salad can be good as well and ask for it to be served on lettuce instead of in a fried taco shell. Not only will your wallet be happy, but you and the new mommy will be healthy and relaxed too.


I am pretty biased toward Italian for a lot of reasons, but the main one is that Italian’s know comfort food… There’s nothing better than pasta.

Being healthy is important, but sometimes you just want to enjoy great food. Still, if you’re looking to stay somewhat healthy while having a great meal, you’re in luck.

Pasta with marinara sauce, meat sauce, or seafood is a great choice. Ravioli usually comes in smaller portions and can often be filled with pureed veggies or spinach.

If pasta isn’t what you’re in the mood for, try a wood-fired pizza, as long as it’s not loaded with tons of cheese. Places like Pizzeria Testa and Tavolo are excellent choices in Frisco, but watch out for their wine lists.

With great service, food, and atmosphere, these locations are a perfect spot for a relaxing evening. Not to mention that Italians are all about romance, so your date will go perfectly!

Dining At Home

Sometimes, the best dinners are the ones we have at home. Dinner at home might take some time, and a little extra preparation, but it can also be fun in the process. Shrimp salad or grilled shrimp skewers are not only healthy, but a great treat.

If your wife is up to it, the two of you can make a night of it by trying a new recipe and cooking together. Pinterest and other websites have delicious and easy to follow dinner ideas for the at-home chef. However, you should be ready to go it alone and plan on taking care of your lady because this should be about her.


Movies are an easy, relaxing idea and you can enjoy them in a number of ways. If you plan on going out to the movies, go during an “off” time. During a weekday afternoon or a late Sunday morning is awesome because the cinema is practically empty and you’ll enjoy more space to select that perfect seat.

Look for a movie that isn’t so serious, or hard to follow, because your pregnant partner might have to take frequent bathroom breaks. The last thing either of you want to do is miss an important scene or have to explain every detail. The other option is the stay-at-home movie night. With on demand, Netflix, Red Box, and Hulu, the choices for movies are almost endless.

Instead of just turning on the TV and sitting on the couch, turn your home or living room into a movie theater. Black out curtains, lights out, and loads of drinks and snacks will add to the movie-watching experience. Plenty of blankets, pillows, and the ability to pause the movie will make her feel comfortable and relaxed. Plus, if it gets too late and she’s tired, no problem! The bedroom is only a few steps away.

Go On A Walk

With the weather turning warmer, being outside in Texas is awesome. Walking is one of the best exercises for a pregnant women and being outside is great for everyone’s state of mind. Here’s a perfect opportunity to talk and away from daily distractions. Try walking somewhere different than your own neighborhood like a park or a trail in Frisco.

Have a Personal Mocktail Party

Having a real drink is out of the question and will be for a long time. But the idea of mixing a drink can still be fun for you both and can make things feel more “normal”… like when you were dating!

The mocktail is a great idea for pregnant couples and goes beyond the simple virgin Bloody Mary. Keep a list of a different drinks to try sans alcohol, so that you have choices for the evening. As a former bartender, here are a few good suggestions…

One of my favorites to make is “Juicy Julep,” refreshing and simple. All you need is pineapple juice, orange juice, ginger ale, mint leaves, and fresh lime juice.  Add ice in a tall glass (or a mason jar), pour half orange juice and a little less than half of the pineapple juice. Squeeze in the fresh lime juice and add 6-7 mint leaves. Stir all together and top with ginger ale. Garnish with a slice of pineapple and enjoy.

The Julep gives you a chance to have a real drink without making your partner feel left out. Perfect with the music on and plus some snacks, and you’ve created your own bar night at home on the patio! Look for more mocktail recipes on Facebook or Pinterest and all ingredients can be purchased at Market Street or Kroger.

Guys – whatever you decide to do,  just make sure to give yourself plenty of time and always be prepared for another plan. Yes, she says she wants to go out, but it doesn’t mean that when it’s time to go she’ll be ready. Don’t make elaborate plans. Just put some effort in and make it fun, easy, and relaxed.

The next 9 months can be tough enough for you both. So sit back and enjoy making the memories!