Dare to Try These 8 Summer Decorating DOs

Summer is the perfect time to try something new… Find a new beach destination; dig into a fabulous summer read; or even thrift for your favorite new vintage find. But, what about trying something new in your home? From trying out a new texture to updating your wall color in a cool new hue, there are plenty of decorating “dares” to try this season. Here’s a look at a few of my favorites:

1. Make Your Kitchen a Gallery

Homeowners often overlook the idea of kitchen art; however, a kitchen wall is a fantastic spot to group your favorite prints in a gallery-style design. For an even bigger dare, mix photography with paintings, mirrors, wall sculpture and framed

2. Get Funky with Prints

Add some punch to your summer décor with a healthy dose of pattern mixing. Combine a sensible assortment of geometric patterns, stripes, tropical prints, florals etc. There’s a pillow, drapery, throw or duvet that’s perfect for your design
personality and it’s just waiting for you to find it! Worried about clashing? Keep the prints in the same color family to blend without getting visually “noisy.”

3. Mix and Match Your Favorite Textures

Texture adds interest and depth to home décor, whether outside or inside. Spruce up your space with a mix of metals and wood, soft and structured accessories, varieties of plants in mix-and- match pots, and tabletop décor in a mix of florals, glass and more.

4. Embrace and Celebrate Tropical Green

We can thank Pantone for the popularity of green this season. Its yellow-green hue, Greenery, has revived the tropical color, which is especially fresh in palm tree patterns and Palm Springs-inspired green furniture. Try this super fresh color to create a statement wall in a larger room, a vivid hue in a smaller space or as an accent furniture piece.

5. Empty Your Wall (Art)

Do you have a colorful or wallpapered wall that you absolutely love? There’s no need to cover it up with art when you can simply hang empty frames for a whimsical effect. For maximum impact, vary the frame sizes, textures and colors, and group in sets of three, five or seven. Or, add in a few mirrors to truly maximize your work of art.

6. Don’t Forget the Fur

Fur isn’t just for chilly nights any more. This posh fabric can be a summer staple when added in neutral tones and used as an accent. To avoid looking too wintery, keep summertime favorites like tall potted plants, pops of vivid color and reflective
glass or metal objects nearby to balance the “luxe” nature of the fur.

7. Get Psychological About Color

Is color theory the new feng shui? In 2017, interior designers have seen an increased interest in the psychology of color — and most importantly, how to integrate specific paint colors to evoke feelings of inspiration, happiness, calm and romance. Why not add a little happiness (or in the case of color theory, turquoise) to your home this summer? It can be done most easily through accessories, but bolder
turquoise fans are committing to entire room designs that significantly embrace this color.

8. Give them Something to “Chalk” About

From sandwich boards to your home! Chalkboard art is an inexpensive and modern way to add interest to bathroom, kitchens, mudrooms, playrooms, outdoor spaces and more. Opt for a full wall accent for maximum impact, or incorporate as part of a gallery wall for a rotating chalk art show. Hint: don’t use real chalk, which creates dusty mess, use chalk markers and have all the fun without the dust!

Consider these decorating ideas as your summer décor bucket list and have fun! If you’d like a professional second opinion, we’d welcome your call at Nicole Arnold Interiors, 214-326- 1160.