Count Down 2 a New Year of Fun and a New Escape Room

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“Hey, I hear someone coming!” the large wooden bookcase shouts. The books, folders, and files perched on his shelves quickly shuffle into their places and lay down. Just a moment later the once-dark room floods with light as the door slowly creaks open. The various props in the room begin frantically shushing one another as the group of unsuspecting visitors files in. As these novice investigators start their search for clues, a folder on the top shelf snickers to those around him.

How many more people are going to come in here and try this? I feel like we’ve been up here forever and I have only seen a few people ever succeed at this silly game. It’s torturous to just sit up here and watch them wander around and try to come up with a plan. I wish I could just shout out the answers to every clue!”

The more level-headed of the group just rolls his eyes. The truth is, people actually find the files they need more often than not. Catching a mole in the police force is hard work, even if it’s just a game. Most of the other files and books in the room are impatient, but George, the old clock on top of the bookshelf, thinks it’s kind of entertaining to watch people figure out the puzzles. Tonight he wants to be sure that his pessimistic partners will be eating their words. He gently brushes up against a nearby file, and it flutters silently to the table below. George is sure that no one saw it fall, but he hopes that someone checks the papers on the table before it’s too late. A few moments later, he suddenly notices that one of the young boys has made a discovery.

Dad, Dad!!! I found the file! And we still have ten minutes left! Does this mean we won the escape room? This is awesome!”

As the family starts to celebrate their victory and clear the room, George hides a satisfied smirk from his friends. Another success in The Mafia’s Casino room, and with time to spare. It turns out working as a prop in an escape room is pretty fun, as long as you learn to ignore all of the other decor!

Can You Escape?

The holidays are perfect for spending time with family. While cozying up by the fire is a classic Christmas pastime, we often start looking for more adventurous activities as the new year rolls around. If you’ve already seen just about every movie in the theater and you’re tired of shopping, why not try something new, like an escape room! Escape rooms combine entertaining storylines with group participation that will encourage your friends and family to have fun together. Rather than spending your day staring at a screen, jump into the story at Countdown2Escape and check out one of their three themed rooms:  Cold War GamesReturn to Cabin Fever or The Mafia’s Casino.

Featured Escape Room:  The Mafia’s Casino

This brand NEW theme places your group as part of a special investigation unit in the state police. There has been a rumor going around the office that there’s a mole in the department and you’ve received evidence that confirms it. This mole reports to the mafia boss, Frank Costello, who owns the largest casinos in town, and you hear from your informant that he keeps information on his crew in a safe located inside this casino. Frank and his crew will be out on a job for the next hour, which gives you time to find what you need. Your group’s mission is to find the profiles on Costello’s crew and the identity of the mole before he comes back!

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