Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Care and Overall Health

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When it comes to self-care, we all have our own routines and habits that help keep us looking and feeling great. You may hit the gym a few times per week, or schedule a monthly visit to your hair salon without fail. Exercise and pampering such as manicures and massages benefit your physical health and mental well-being in more ways than one.

Now, imagine if your biannual trip to the dentist, yes I said DENTIST, was just as enjoyable and rejuvenating as a trip to your favorite day spa. Plush Dentistry is well on the way to changing the stigma surrounding dental care. They want your visit to bring a smile to your face – a smile that they promise to keep healthy and beautiful.

Maybe you think regular trips to the dentist aren’t really that important. You aren’t alone! Many people assume that as long as their teeth look okay, they don’t have to see their dentist twice a year. However, dental care goes deep beneath the surface of your teeth. The Plush Dentistry team wants to get you back in the dentist’s chair, so they’re answering commonly asked questions about the dentist and explaining some of the health benefits that regular dental visits can offer.

How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

The most straightforward answer to this question is at least twice each year. However, the real answer depends on your oral hygiene, habits and medical conditions. For example, if you’ve been told that you’re at a high risk for gum disease, or if it runs in your family, you probably need to make an appointment every three to four months.

Other health conditions like diabetes, weak immune systems, or vulnerability to cavities or plaque build-up often warrant more frequent trips to the dentist. The best way to decide how often you should come in for a checkup is to speak with a doctor and undergo an initial dental exam to determine the current health of your teeth and gums. Be sure to inform your doctor of any health conditions or habits, especially if you’re pregnant or a smoker.

Can My Dentist Diagnose Health Issues?

Everyone wants to keep up with preventative health practices, but did you know that some conditions can be diagnosed during a simple trip to the dentist? In fact, dentists can tell a lot about your overall health just by looking at your mouth. Your doctor may be able to identify the warning signs of heart disease or diabetes based on the condition of your gums.

More often than not, people pass off heartburn as a minor discomfort at most, but the heartburn could be a symptom of acid reflux or another digestive issue. Did you know that your teeth actually suffer from the effects of acid reflux? Your dentist can catch early signs of acid reflux and other conditions so that you can start treating them before they get serious.

These are just a few of the health concerns that a qualified dentist can identify, but the point is clear. Your teeth say a lot about how the rest of your body is operating!

Will My Current Health Issues Affect Future Trips to the Dentist?

As we mentioned earlier, people who smoke or have diabetes and other health conditions may need to see a dentist more often. Certain medical ailments can weaken your teeth and gums, plus they can make you more prone to cavities, plaque buildup, and tooth decay. Medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can also require specialized dental care.

As long as you keep the line of communication open between yourself and your dentist, they will be able to accommodate all of your needs and create an oral health treatment plan to keep you and your teeth as healthy as possible.

Plush is dedicated to providing each patient with individualized care and attention in an inviting and innovative space. Doctors Ali and Kraipak will help ease your dental anxieties by listening carefully to your concerns, treating you efficiently and providing resources to further your education when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile.

Plush offers luxury dental care to patients throughout North Texas, but the exceptional service and customer care don’t come with a high-end price tag. Visit Plush Dentistry today to see how enjoyable dental care can be.