Combative, Constructive, and Colorful Fun – Frisco Paintball

Since we were little kids, we’ve all loved the idea of getting messy. Playing in the mud, water-balloon fights, tree-climbing, finger painting in the house. While this is all acceptable behavior as a kid, to be honest, I think most of us (especially boys!) still like doing these things.

Now, let’s add in the childhood desire to just simply run around (it’s always a top priority) and play with guns – a big part of a young boy’s life. From hunting with Dad for the first time, to playing Call of Duty, boys/men love to shoot things.

So, what if I told you that you could revisit those moments you had as a kid? Just take a few hours out of your busy life to hang out with your friends and family and in a constructive, combative way… Shoot them all at Frisco Paintball!

Frisco Paintball is the latest and newest addition to the Frisco sports world that opened it’s doors a little over a month ago. The new location offers a state-of-the-yard field for single or group play, business outings, birthday parties. Whatever the occasion, the staff at Frisco Paintball will accommodate and be there for whatever you need.

Getting into paintball can be overwhelming and expensive, especially for first-timers. From the proper gun, to ammo (paintballs), face masks, body armor and gear, the Frisco Paintball staff will show you what you absolutely need to get started and they’ll do that without breaking the bank.

Paintball is more than just running around and shooting your enemies, although that is fun too! It’s about team-building and collaborative strategy. Plus, when you come back indoors, Frisco Paintball has a reservable party room at a reasonable hourly rate option for team-building or a company outing. The party room can also be used for birthday parties, guys (or girls) night out, and other fun-seeking occasions.

With an indoor facility that spans 30,000 square feet, the climate-controlled arena allows participants to play year-round regardless of what Texas weather comes our way. Layered with top-of-the-line artificial turf, safety concerns are no longer an issue and the indoor field proves to be safer that outdoor fields.

In addition to paintball, these fields can also be used for soccer, lacrosse, or any other sport that needs a large space. This area can be rented out Monday through Thursday which makes the faculty a major mix-used sports complex in the area.

It’s no secret that Frisco is sports town… Volleyball, cheer, soccer, football, and now paintball fun can all be found in our city and within a few blocks or miles of each other. For more information on pricing and booking, email Frisco Paintball at, plus you’ll find pricing information, rules, weekend camps, and more at

Friday 6pm – 10pm
Saturday 12pm – 10pm
Sunday 12pm – 10pm

9966 John W. Elliott Drive,  Frisco TX  75033