Coffee Unplugged at Summer Moon Cafe

Anyone who has read some of my previous articles will know I have more than a fondness with old downtown Frisco. I’m also honored to call some of the tenants my friends. I drive through downtown regularly, and I’m sad when I see a store close its doors and move on. Yet, another day comes and excitement abounds when I see something new arrive.

In this case, after 10 years, Horse Hardware is giving up its beautiful brick-front store to make way for a unique coffee shop, Summer Moon Wood-Fired Coffee. Almost ready to open on Main Street, and a welcome sight to only further enhance the evolution taking place in the Historic district of Frisco.

I met with owner Greg Richardson, a Fort Worth native who has lived in Keller for last 10 years with his wife and 6 children.  Having built a career in Corporate Finance, he was looking for an alternative opportunity when he came across a video on “Man-Fired Food” on the Cooking Channel and it inspired him to research the coffee business.

A good friend had a connection with the Summer Moon Company, and as it turns out, Summer Moon was also looking for an opportunity in or around Dallas. Feeling like this situation was more than a coincidence, Greg began collaborating with the company and a new relationship was born.

Summer Moon is an Austin-based family-owned business. Their story begins deep in the “hearth” of Texas with a one-of-a kind brick oven which uses Texas Oak to make their version of “unplugged coffee.”

That’s right… no gas line, no power cord, or on/off buttons are used to roast or grind the coffee. Instead, Summer Moon employs a nineteenth-century process requiring three people to hand roast the organic beans every day by pedaling a stationary bicycle at the perfect R.P.M. The spinning of the wheels powers the machine to spin the wheels and roast the coffee.

With a clear plan in mind, Greg set about searching for the right premises to open his coffee house. Ideally, he wanted a unique space holding its own history which would also fit with the historical roasting method associated with Summer Moon.  Historic downtown Frisco presented the ideal location for Greg to bring this brand to North Texas.

I’ve been wanting to create something special with a quality product,” Greg explains. “And this area represents culture and pride along with a young hip vibe, so Downtown Frisco seemed like the obvious choice.”

You’ve heard of Moonshine?  Well ‘Moon milk’ is Summer Moon’s signature offering made with seven secret ingredients. Sweetness being the essence, they also have alternative dairy options like Almond and Soy milk.

Customers will get used to asking for a Full Moon, or half Moon for example off the menu.” 

Add this to their special coffee and dare yourself to enjoy an amazing sweet and creamy drink!

While I met Greg in what is still a construction site on the new premises, he explained how the finished area will feel and look.

We’ll have a trendy coffee bar. Seating for people who want to work, like to cozy up with a book, or just chat and catch up with friends.”

Being a family man himself, and conscious of the growing population of young families in the area, look for a small section for children to use books, games, and puzzles while grown-ups enjoy the best coffee of their lives. For food offerings, Greg is partnering with local vendors to provide a range of breakfast tacos, salads, sandwiches, pastries, pies, and desserts.

Greg is excited to be a member of the Frisco community and hopes his shop will provide a much-needed addition to the historic area. A fun and special place for people to come in, relax, and spend time. While opening date is not set yet, he’s hoping for early February.

In the meantime, Greg and the team have been hosting coffee tastings to the locals via his neighboring retail units like Lillian Welch and Blue Door Boutique. Join their Facebook page for details of future events and launch date of the store.

Monday – Friday:  6am – 8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am – 8pm

Downtown Frisco
6943 Main Street,  Frisco, TX  75034

Phone: 469-893-5007