Clean Space to Clear Your Mind this Summer

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I don’t know about you, but each year I start off in January with a “blank page”… everything culled out, cleaned up, and organized. Then, March rolls in and there are a few extra items collected from birthday parties, GNOs, and social events strewn about the house.

By summer, it’s off the rails. It’s just too easy to accrue a ridiculous amount “things.” Too many things to fit in our homes, garages and storage units. So many things that we can’t keep up with what we own, much less find that certain book, kitchen gadget or old photograph.

How About Kicking Off Summer with a Clean Slate?

When you take a moment to pause and look around, the clutter in your space can feel overwhelming, but did you know that clutter does a lot more than fill your shelves and closets?

My grandmother used to say, “A messy home is a messy mind” and I totally believe her. Clutter and chaos can spread to your business ventures affecting your schedule and even your mental health.

And it’s not just “things”…  We now live with too many obligations on our plate, even when our homes are immaculate. If you feel like your mind is always racing with an overfilled schedule or a never-ending list of chores,  it may be time to declutter.

Or maybe you’re moving into a new space and you don’t know how to create a foundation for harmonious organization. No matter the type of clutter or the size of your space, Nicole Lynn of Decluttered Spaces is here to help!

What’s the First Step Towards Organization?

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all process for organization. Nicole knows that different people (and different spaces) have very different needs.

Before you can dive into creating an organized space, you must decide how you want your new space to function. Nicole has helped a variety of clients find their personal harmony over the years.

If it’s your social calendar that’s bogged down, how about prioritizing which organizations, clubs and extracurriculars are most important and bring you the most joy? Overflowing to-do lists can also warrant some time to lay out all the action items, and identify what’s critical, what makes you happy, and finally, what’s just bogging you down.

Perhaps your business feels disorganized. Yes, of course it’s important to work towards an organized office space that functions well, but it may also be beneficial to clear your mind and make room for new sparks of inspiration and creativity.

Have a chat with your Harmonizing Specialist about the things you love about your current corporate processes and the things you’re looking to change. You’d be surprised by how much talking through your priorities and goals will help bring them to fruition.

If it’s a physical space that’s lacking in functionality or organization, Nicole wants you to consider the following before you start chipping away at a new layout or a major purge:

I always ask my clients what their vision is for a space. Whether you’re moving into a new space or decluttering an existing one, you have to decide how the space needs to function in order to bring harmony to your life.

Once you’ve identified your vision, Nicole will help you work through the process in phases so you don’t get overwhelmed or make snap decisions you may regret later. She’ll help you assess what organizational tools you already have, like shelves, storage bins, or Command hooks, before you run to the store in search of that “magic bullet” organizing unit promising to be the perfect solution to your storage conundrum that will only end up in the recycle bin in four months.

Facing the Facts – Clutter Affects Your Life

When you first meet with Nicole to assess your situation, no matter if it’s material or mental, you might think that the issue a single aspect of your life. However, clutter creeps its way into our mental and physical health, not to mention all of the added stress a messy space or chaotic schedule can cause.

Let’s instead head towards harmony with Nicole Lynn and see how freeing a clear, organized space (and calendar!) can be. No matter the clutter conundrum or the size of your space, Nicole would love to help you find the solution that’s right for you.

Contact Nicole today to learn more about enrolling in an online course or scheduling a personalized consultation… All to help you get organized and harmonize your life one space at a time!