Career Ladder Institute: Moving Your Career UP the Ladder

Career Ladder Institute is a People and Business Development company founded by Rodrigo Martineli helping professionals, athletes and entrepreneurs grow their career, business, and life. Founded in 2009, Rodrigo has been steadily perfecting his training and coaching to the thriving business he has today.

He says,

My interest is to know more about the human being and neuroscience. My expertise in business development from my time at Hewlett Package as a Global VP that led me to create a business where our main goal is to help others. I’m passionate to help professionals and athletes reach their true potential. In addition, I have developed a proven method of building business to create hundreds of millions of dollars in growth the last few years.”

His proven career development program is a custom-crafted mix of Coaching, Mentoring, and Self-Discovery curriculum that creates the ultimate insightful reflexive experience. For professionals, the program called the”7 Steps of Your Career Ladder” results in peak performance, thought-process improvement, and a complete career plan. You’ll discover great things about you… Your skills, abilities, and capabilities that are already there and make you unique and valuable. Moreover, you’ll finally have the ultimate career and life plan.

For entrepreneurs, Rodrigo designed “Business Mentoring,” the entrepreneurial program to support business owners by establishing a growth strategy, executing on measures to increase profitability, or undertaking a turn around. Business leaders have experienced massive results by working with Career Ladder and their framework of 3 modules: Strategize, Build, and Grow.

Rodrigo also works with professional athletes. He says,

Behind an athlete or a professional has the same foundation: a human being. So, this means that our neuroscience techniques works very well since the framework touches the body, mind, soul, and the thought process. Plus, we provide tips and ways to face different challenges, mental and physical.”

While technology brings innovation and new disruptions every day, high-intensive professions where logical thinking and decision-making is critical will continue to be the highest paid positions. Even with AI (Artificial Intelligence) rapidly advancing, Rodrigo sees an expanding need for human roles that utilize diligent analysis and critical-thinking skills. Without a solid career plan, you might not achieve your career goals and your retirement date could be affected.

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Working with Career Ladder, their clients have been able to build and achieve their dream career, balance life and career aspirations to achieve happiness, and implement easy to execute strategies to grow their businesses 10 times over in 5 years. Career Ladder Institute… Enabling people and businesses to achieve success through proven programs, inspiring them to go the extra mile, and accomplish superb results.