Building the “Second Brain” in Your Belly – Vitality Bowls

This post is sponsored by Vitality Bowls.

Did you know that some scientists say that your stomach is your second brain? Due to a bundle of nerves in the digestive system that operate similar to the brain, the stomach also aids in decision-making for the body to function properly. Therefore, let’s make the quality decision to feed your stomach foods rich in nutrients to have strength, energy, clarity, and enhance your mood.

When you need a “meal improv plan,” Vitality Bowls has you covered with fresh and wholesome menus options. Consider it your kitchen away from the casa!

For summer, Vitality Bowls added new menu options to include the “Sunshine Bowl” and the “Sunshine Smoothie.” Both items include the “super spice” turmeric which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Not only are these food options great for post-workout nutrition, they’re also good for the skin. The base of the Sunshine Bowl is Acai blended with almond milk, fresh mint, strawberries and mango. The toppings are organic hemp/flax seed granola, fresh pineapple, strawberries, mulberries and honey.

Needing an extra dose of energy to survive your crazy work day? Or are you in need of extra stamina to keep up with your high spirited kids?

Add Matcha to any bowl, smoothie, or drink and you will have an energy boost to tackle whatever your day holds. The superfood touts such benefits as being loaded with antioxidants, boosting metabolism, aiding in weight loss, enhancing your mood, and lowering blood sugar levels. Move over java… Hello “Matcha!”

Vitality Bowls + Triple Link CrossFit and Camp Gladiator

Since nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, Vitality Bowls is partnering with Triple Link CrossFit. During the CrossFit grand opening in May, Vitality Bowls took the opportunity to educate Crossfitters on the benefits of a healthy diet and menu options that will enhance their workout. At the event, Vitality Bowls passed out Acai bowls as well. Triple Link Crossfit members also receive an ongoing 10% discount during each visit to the store.

Vitality Bowls has also teamed up with Camp Gladiator for the summer to promote their Total Transformation Package. This promotion advocates healthy meal options that will supplement the exercise regimen to aid in transforming people’s bodies. Nutritious eating plus a fitness regimen creates overall lifestyle changes. If you’re trying to reach your body goals, signing up for the Total Transformation Package might be the way to go. Plus CG members receive a 10% discount at Vitality Bowls.

Clean Eats & Fine-Tuned Menu Options = Game Changers for Pre- and Post-Workout Success


“Maca Me” is a great pre-workout smoothie option boosting your energy and endurance levels. If you prefer the juice bar, opt for ‘The Invigorator,” but if you’re tired all the time and dragging along, “The Intensifier” might be what you need since it includes ginger for that extra jolt of energy. Ginger is also known for its ability to reduce inflammation, lower blood sugar levels, improve digestion, and enhance the libido.


If you are experiencing muscle soreness, order ‘The Rehydrator” which includes pineapple. The bromelain found in pineapple reduces swelling and inflammation in the body. Another great anti-inflammatory juice is ‘The Rejuvenator” since it contains beets. Low in calories and high in water which promotes a feeling of fullness, with beets there are no worries of overeating post-workout!

The “Sunshine Bowl” or “Sunshine Smoothie” is another great post-workout option since it contains turmeric. This spice is considered to be more powerful than Ibuprofen and Aspirin.

If you’re vitamin deficient, aim for the “Warrior Bowl” that provides a multivitamin boost.

In need of serious protein? ‘The Hulk” smoothie is what you want. Containing guarana which provides an energy boost and includes whey protein. You might even add an extra dose of protein with add-ins like almond butter or peanut butter.

Lace up those sneakers, marathon runners… Vitality Bowls has foodie options for your success!

Vitality Bowls has dedicated menu items for mara-runners and Crossfitters. While any of the menu items work, you may need additional carbs and protein. Consider the Roasted Turkey or Sirloin Panini. Vegetarian? Try the Strawberry Spinach or Kale Salad. Maybe add avocado for a healthy fat option. Or maybe you like a little meat on your salad, opt for adding roasted turkey or sirloin for extra protein.

Kombucha on tap at Vitality Bowls

With any Bowl, Smoothie, or Juice, you have the ability to add in whey or pea (veggie-based) protein, matcha, guarana, and multi-vitamin blend.

With a strong commitment to bring health and wellness to Frisco through fresh, high-quality superfoods, Vitality Bowls is busy feeding your belly and your brain with healthy, nutrient-rich foods… It’s guilt free eating!